Scandals & board propaganda - Asheron's Call Darktide

Old school PK & PVP

By Rak -=KoC=-

Prove it ! by Naudica GEN

(how to fake selling your account and to fake your own death IRL by Naudica GEN)

Starting with the best of the best… : “Prove it”

It all started when GEN got kicked out of AB by Blood & JoV, before even taking it over from antis. When that happened, Naudica realized he had bet on the wrong horse. He messaged Blood leaders and NH (JoV leader) wanting to fake having sold his account to be able to rejoin Blood/JoV…

A few months later, having a laugh on dt’s public irc room, the subject came in a discussion but Naudica couldn’t admit what he had done in the past so he told NH to “prove it”.

NH : I can prove it jesse NH : don’t ask me to please

But N (Naudica) dumb as always pushed NH to prove it, thinking NH would not be able to :

N : do it then N : or shut up

unfortunatly for Naudica, NH had kept emails from back then 😉

N : fuck you nighthawk N… has left #dnn

Awe 🙁

In the week following this event, someone saying he was naudica’s father posted on COD (with the same ID than Naudica) saying his son had died from a terrible illness and trying to get everyone’s compassion for the “dead” naudica… Of course most people had doubts about it being true, and we soon found out that it was all a lie made up by naudica to get people’s compassion for him lol. This has to be the biggest soap opera on ACDT ever…

From: Glenn Pool ID: S6Vvac3tzWE Date: May 02, 2001 at 01:01 am Subject: Your friend Naudica has passed away…

From: N ID: S6Vvac3tzWE Date: April 13, 2001 at 7:03 pm Subject: This game is dead. – NT

By Rak -=KoC=-

My GF was at the door! - Wilc / The Dagashi GEN

(how to log behind a tree when you are about to die from a fight and claim you did it because of your GF – Dagashi/Wilc GEN)

Parthor was fighting Wilc aka The Dagashi. Dagashi was getting owned so he ran and logged just behind a tree to prevent the killing war from hitting him.

Since GEN had a no log policy back then and parth had taken screen shot, Dagashi was in a tough situation so he came out with all sorts of excuse such as “My GF was at the door”… Yet if it had just been a mater of getting someone at the door, he could have just recalled, so his excuse didn’t stand 1 sec 🙁

By Rak -=KoC=-

Client Hacking by Khosaf, Naudica & other GEN cores


I don’t client hack, watch the “You’ve jumped too recently!” message!
(How to godmode client hack and claim honor on the boards by faking a client message – Khosaf and GEN Cores)

Continuing with GEN lies… several times we could see GEN cores jumping like rabbits to godmode despise the godmode fix… They claimed they weren’t using the Client Hack and to “prove it” they were taking screen shots of the “You’ve jumped too recently!” message that was usually removed with the godmode client hack.

Not only being cheaters, they were also hypocrites. They had made a client hack that not only gave them godmode abilities but also allowed them to keep the “You’ve jumped too recently!” message to continue to claim being “cheat free” on the boards. Thats rather sad, especially when we all know what happend to GEN and their multiple disband/tag changes :p

Gen cores letting out their secret!
(how to reveal your secret weap to your worse enemy by mistake – Rumble GEN)

Gear spreading into GEN ranks made its secret harder to keep. What Rumble had just experienced due to the lag created by his own gear alerted us.

After a small investigation we put our hand on that “Gear” program and a few hours later we had an equivalent and much easier to use version called SpeedHack.

For weird reason, GEN really didn’t like it when we used their own weapon agains them 😉 I still remember going skating all over Kara with Zeke heh

I don’t gear I just have super mega high run!
(how to claim you don’t gear but your run is just too high eventhough you have low quickness – Naudica GEN)

Hah… Who said Alpha-Male (Naudica) is an horrible liar? Getting badly owned, he put his gear at max speed to run away… but since he didn’t have the balls admitting he was gearing, he claimed it was because of his 480 run, which was rather funny since a simple ID of his char showed he only had 158 buffed quickness 🙂

Why not use both gear and client hack at the same time?
(how to use both gear and client hack at the same time – Blattos GEN)

Due to the conjonction of both gear and the client hack, people could cast spells on you while running full speed, despise server restrictions since the server was confused about their position. As you can see, spells are landing on the char without even hearing the words of power 🙂


By Rak -=KoC=-

GEN suiciding to prevent kill claims from their opponents


GEN’s new tactics so you can’t claim killing them
(how to evade player kills – GEN Cores)


By Rak -=KoC=-

Al Neo's incestual sex life

Al Neo explaining his sex life to Zeke (or was it a trash talk attempt?)

I always knew BRs had weird ways …

By Rak -=KoC=-

TLS creation

(how can 3 guilds humiliated by Blood (NWA, FOV, GEN) ally to try again to destroy Blood)

Two PK monarchies (GEN & FOV) allying to an Anti monarchy (NWA) ?

How could that happend ? Well… these guilds were getting owned left and right and GEN after its 10th collapsing was badly in need of new allies.

The funny part is that GEN actually asked Blood leaders for an alliance like a week before TLS was created. We of course laughed at them.

So TLS was started, at a time at which we had about 6k members they soon had 7 to 8k members and were allied to about every other anti guild around, which was rather funny considering GEN had backstabbed them a year before :p

The weekly claims from TLS
(how to claim every week that your enemy is about to disband by FoV TLS)

Sadly for FoV his great plans went to shit and he ended up several steps behind, as usual 🙁

TLS Falling Appart
(Oh no, not again ? 🙁 – TLS Cores)

When I quit AC several months ago, TLS had fallen to around 2 or 3k followers and Blood was at 18k+ followers.

The 10 to 20 attempts made by GEN then TLS to destroy Blood have all been failures. Several months after most of the Blood leadership quit AC, the monarchy is still at 12k+ followers and still occupying the 1st page of treestats. Other monarchies barelly reach the levels we had when we sold months ago.

By Rak -=KoC=-

TLS trying to find Paragod macro spot

Months of TLS finding where Para macros, err T R Y I N G to find him ;p
It all started in December when TLS promised us Para wouldn’t get to 126. He was in the 115s back then 😉

They started offering several of our members xp chain spots and such “tell us where para god macros and we will give you a 25m xp / day spot!”

To play with them I took a screen shot of another spot hiding infos about it and let it out in #blood-elite so their spies would pass the word… 

Then on the 10th of January the screenshot made it to their IRC pvt. channel topic (notice we’re in a mirrored room pasting everything said in TLS pvt irc room) :

Session Start: Thu Jan 10 07:17:25 2002
[07:17] *** Now talking in #telecinetic
[07:17] *** Topic is ‘|*Kho`saf*|: kho can you turn secure mode(not restricted) off, /cs set #tls-private secure off | serec vault is closed from lvling. | |– Does ANYONE know where this is?_’
[07:17] *** Set by [TLSPVT] on Thu Jan 10 01:54:43
[07:17] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o RaK|KoC
[07:31] |[TLSPVT]| |*fooey*|: i know where paragod macros =)
[07:31] |[TLSPVT]| |*Yare*|: ?
[07:31] |[TLSPVT]| |*Yare*|: where
[07:31] |[TLSPVT]| |*fooey*|: [23:29] |borgia| hey
[07:31] |[TLSPVT]| |*fooey*|: [23:29] |borgia| u know the quenn quest ?
[07:31] |[TLSPVT]| |*fooey*|: [23:29] |borgia| well is in one of those dungeons
[07:31] |[TLSPVT]| |*fooey*|: [23:30] |borgia| where u need to get enchanted
[07:31] |[TLSPVT]| |*fooey*|: [23:31] |borgia| there are 5-6 vapors
[07:31] |[TLSPVT]| |*fooey*|: [23:31] |borgia| and 2 diamonds
[07:32] |[TLSPVT]| |*Yare*|: what do you mean enchanted
[07:32] |[TLSPVT]| |*fooey*|: [23:30] |fooey| sprayed?
[07:32] |[TLSPVT]| |*fooey*|: [23:30] |borgia| yes
[07:32] |[TLSPVT]| |*fooey*|: hehe
[07:32] |[TLSPVT]| |*flu|afk|*|: lol
[07:32] |[TLSPVT]| |*flu|afk|*|: uhm
[07:32] |[TLSPVT]| |*fooey*|: he’s not real good with english
[07:32] |[TLSPVT]| |*flu|afk|*|: well isnt the royal hive the only dungeon you need to get enchanted to enter?
[07:32] |[TLSPVT]| |*fooey*|: i have no idea

[17:10] |[TLSPVT]| |*fooey*|: that the one you hve to be sprayed for?
[17:11] |[TLSPVT]| |*fooey*|: i got some insider info last night who said that’s where it is
[17:11] |EZ|Nap| lol
[17:11] |Zaaf{Drsuce}| lmao
[17:11] |Zaaf{Drsuce}| isent that pic outside ?
[17:11] |Zaaf{Drsuce}| *shake head*
[17:11] |EZ|Nap| ya
[17:11] |[TLSPVT]| |*fooey*|: could be, i’m sure its one of the queen dungeons
[17:11] |Zaaf{Drsuce}| they are dumb
[17:12] |EZ|Nap| Anyone know what the secret behind magic tricks are?
[17:12] |[TLSPVT]| |*fooey*|: supposed to be 4 vapors and 2 diamonds where he’s at

Then as I’m getting back from work and doing my daily computer / ISP reboot :

Session Start: Thu Jan 10 21:57:32 2002
[21:57] *** Now talking in #telecinetic
[21:57] *** Topic is ‘|*ChanServ*|: kho can you turn secure mode(not restricted) off, /cs set #tls-private secure off | serec vault is closed from lvling. | |– Does ANYONE know where this is?_’
[21:57] *** Set by [TLSPVT] on Thu Jan 10 16:46:06
[21:57] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o RaK|KoC
[21:58] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: FOIUND PARAGOD
[21:59] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: where
[21:59] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: post on Cod let every one know
[21:59] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: let me post it
[21:59] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: !
[21:59] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: Don’t.
[21:59] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: Let’s just stick about five campers there, and a macro or two and call it a day.
[21:59] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: Let them whine.
[21:59] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: dude
[21:59] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: that place
[21:59] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: is VERY hard to get to
[21:59] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: i fuckin died
[21:59] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: No joke.
[22:00] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: Martinate holding?
[22:00] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: he was trying to throw us off
[22:00] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: by saying he macro on vapors
[22:00] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: hes not macroing on vapors
[22:00] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: what is he macroing on?
[22:00] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: kuhal post a pic of my gf on cod :p
[22:02] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: uhm
[22:02] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: What’s he macroing on? Tuskers? Bunny rabbits?
[22:02] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: like tuskers
[22:02] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: on a 30second spawn
[22:02] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: like
[22:02] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: LOTS of tuskers
[22:02] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: fuckin SHITLOADS
[22:02] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: of 25-30k tuskers
[22:02] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: silvers
[22:02] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: ya
[22:02] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: silvers and rampagers
[22:02] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: So.
[22:02] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: We could get more than one person macroing there, easily.
[22:02] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: we need to kick him out first
[22:02] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: So long as the macro checked targets and didn’t kill each other
[22:02] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: he’s not spot tied i dont think
[22:02] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: No, the speculation was that para does not spot ite
[22:03] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: because he’s logging on and off
[22:03] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: tie
[22:03] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: What’s his timer?
[22:03] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: he logs on REALYL fast
[22:03] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: like
[22:03] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: 3-4minutes

Oh no ! They found Para !!! Or maybe not …

[22:03] |RaK|KoC| dude
[22:03] |RaK|KoC| he’s a retard
[22:03] |RaK|KoC| i was restarting my isp
[22:03] |RaK|KoC| :p
[22:03] |[TLSPVT]| he got zeke
[22:03] |[TLSPVT]| oh
[22:03] |RaK|KoC| i’m not in that dungeon
[22:03] |[TLSPVT]| thats you macroing ?
[22:03] |RaK|KoC| lol
[22:03] |[TLSPVT]| lol ?
[22:03] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: [4:59] Para God has logged off.
[22:03] |RaK|KoC| i’ve been
[22:03] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: Can you site a spot-tied melee there and macro him to kill para?
[22:03] |[TLSPVT]| you KIDDING me ?
[22:03] |RaK|KoC| since para is 45
[22:03] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: [5:02] Para God is logged on.
[22:03] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: [5:02] Para God has logged off.
[22:03] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: That may be the only thing that’s fast enough to catch him reliably.
[22:04] |RaK|KoC| para from 45 to 123 is me
[22:04] |RaK|KoC| :p
[22:04] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: He’s got a hacked client.
[22:04] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: yeah
[22:04] |RaK|KoC| LOL
[22:04] |RaK|KoC| lol
[22:04] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: they all have hacked clients to log off fast
[22:04] |RaK|KoC| wtf
[22:04] |RaK|KoC| LOL
[22:04] |[TLSPVT]| omfg
[22:04] |[TLSPVT]| omfg thats so hilarious

Huh ? |*Kho`saf*|: they all have hacked clients to log off fast hahaha I knew Khosaf was retarded but… ;p No sorry Khosaf I’m not using a hacked client.

[22:04] |RaK|KoC| Watch me
[22:04] |RaK|KoC| log off / on
[22:05] |RaK|KoC| to make him shit in his pants
[22:05] |RaK|KoC| lol
[22:05] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: Bottem line, tho, he can’t run it like that if someone is macroing to recall there.
[22:05] |RaK|KoC| oh man
[22:05] |RaK|KoC| that shit is too funny
[22:06] |RaK|KoC| i’m logging on / off
[22:06] |RaK|KoC| just to fuck with them
[22:06] |RaK|KoC| lol
[22:06] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: ya
[22:06] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: that’s what we’ll do
[22:06] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: get our dude there
[22:06] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: and just put a macro
[22:06] |RaK|KoC| LOL
[22:06] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: to recall there and back
[22:06] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: every 2 seconds
[22:06] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: BUT
[22:06] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: he could put it in his macro
[22:06] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: not to log from him
[22:06] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: but if he does
[22:06] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: we’ll kill him
[22:06] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: LOL
[22:06] |RaK|KoC| LOL
[22:06] |RaK|KoC| khos can be so smart
[22:06] |RaK|KoC| sometimes… or so does he think … lol
[22:07] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: Nonetheless, if you can get to his perch, and observe him logging on and off fast like that, call an admin to observe the hacked behavior.
[22:07] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: yeah
[22:07] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: Because it’s one of the best examples of a hack in action.
[22:07] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: i am good friends with a few admins
[22:07] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: bonus
[22:07] |RaK|KoC| yah with my “fast logoff client”
[22:07] |RaK|KoC| LOL
[22:07] |RaK|KoC| wtf is he talking about
[22:08] |RaK|KoC| oh man i just love it :p
[22:08] |RaK|KoC| they made my day

I knew they were dumb already but I didn’t know they could reach that level :p

[22:08] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: ya get him banned so he dont have the chr.
[22:08] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: :p
[22:08] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: they don’t like macros more than we do, so something like this may be enough to finally get a ban
[22:08] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: even an 8-hour ban would be nice. 🙂
[22:08] |RaK|KoC| ok
[22:08] |RaK|KoC| it was fun
[22:08] |RaK|KoC| back to macroing
[22:08] |RaK|KoC| for me
[22:08] |RaK|KoC| :p
[22:09] |RaK|KoC| watch them
[22:09] |RaK|KoC| panic
[22:09] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: [5:08] Para God is logged on.
[22:09] |RaK|KoC| that i stay on
[22:09] |RaK|KoC| LOL
[22:09] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: took him longer to log back on that time
[22:09] |RaK|KoC| Of course moron
[22:09] |RaK|KoC| k
[22:09] |RaK|KoC| i’ll log off 🙁

Heh its just too tempting, lets fuck with them again ;p

[22:09] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: You are in the dungeon now, then?
[22:09] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: why does he log in and out
[22:09] |RaK|KoC| LOL
[22:09] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: Because he doesn’t have spot tie.
[22:09] |RaK|KoC| cause i’m playing with you dumb fucks
[22:10] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: He gets ganked, he has to run back
[22:10] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: [5:08] Para God has logged off.
[22:10] |RaK|KoC| lol
[22:10] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: hes logged in and out
[22:10] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: because we’re there
[22:10] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: o
[22:10] |RaK|KoC| of course
[22:10] |RaK|KoC| or maybe cause i’m making fun of you
[22:10] |RaK|KoC| :p
[22:10] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: we is who
[22:10] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: you on dirc btw?
[22:10] |[TLSPVT]| |*HungryHippo*|: u found the spot?
[22:11] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: Do we have a working macro yet, Kho?
[22:11] |[TLSPVT]| |*HungryHippo*|: ill take that as a yes, nice 🙂
[22:11] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: course we have a working macro
[22:12] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: ok
[22:12] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: lolol
[22:12] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: this is sooo easy
[22:12] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: what can he do to stop us
[22:12] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: nothing
[22:12] |RaK|KoC| dude YOU ARE so easy

There’s nothing better than Khosaf trying to act smart, there’s always a good laugh coming up ! :p

[22:12] |[TLSPVT]| |*HungryHippo*|: where was it at anyways?
[22:12] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: all those pictures
[22:12] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: Macro wars, here we come!
[22:12] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: of vapors etc.
[22:12] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: were just to throw us off
[22:13] |[TLSPVT]| |*HungryHippo*|: ahh, i thought it would be on marae cause of the golems
[22:13] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: hes not macroing on vapors..
[22:13] |[TLSPVT]| |*HungryHippo*|: ahh i see, so he tried to get u guys looking another way
[22:14] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: Dagashi should be on his way to you, Kho

Actually I was macroing on vapors, just not where the screen shot was taken, but congrats you actually seemed smart for once ;p

[22:14] |RaK|KoC| ok
[22:14] |RaK|KoC| was fun
[22:14] |RaK|KoC| for a bit
[22:14] |RaK|KoC| cyas
[22:14] |RaK|KoC| :p
[22:14] |RaK|KoC| “wtf para is online and doesnt log off”
[22:28] ||zak|| ahh
[22:28] |RaK|KoC| notice how khosaf shuts his mouth
[22:28] ||zak|| yea
[22:28] ||zak|| while they jack off
[22:28] ||zak|| we sit at the queen
[22:28] ||zak|| with 10 ppl
[22:31] |Reg| did they actually
[22:31] |Reg| find the spot?
[22:31] |Reg| or is rak just making them feel dumb?
[22:32] ||zak|| rak makes em feel dumb

Now a good point from Reg :

[22:33] |Reg| it’s kinda funny that the tls guys can’t tell each other
[22:33] |Reg| the spot
[22:33] |Reg| you notice how khosaf changed the topic
[22:33] |Reg| when they all asked where
[22:33] |Reg| ?

Notice how TLS are so secret and won’t reveal the “macro spot” to their guildmates ;p

[22:33] |RaK|KoC| yep
[22:33] |RaK|KoC| i loved
[22:33] |RaK|KoC| the hacked client part
[22:33] |RaK|KoC| too
[22:33] |RaK|KoC| lol
[22:34] ||zak|| time
[22:34] ||zak|| to kill the queen
[22:34] ||zak|| later

While all these TLS were busy checking where Para was, our guys got to jump the queen and kill the few TLS actually fighting there, left alone by their cores ;p

[22:34] |Reg| yeah what’s funny is they wanna get macroers banned
[22:34] |Reg| yet
[22:34] |Reg| they want to macro there
[22:34] |Reg| …

Another good point from Reg, suddenly the “macroing is lame” became the : “lets macro at blood’s spot” 🙂

[22:37] |RaK|KoC| its so tempting
[22:37] |Reg| i can go laugh at him if ou want
[22:37] |RaK|KoC| to private him
[22:37] |RaK|KoC| and laugh at him
[22:37] |RaK|KoC| but then it would ruin our cover
[22:37] |RaK|KoC| 🙁
[22:37] |RaK|KoC| i’m keeping that log for my homepage
[22:37] |RaK|KoC| heh
[22:37] |Reg| yeah i know rak
[22:37] |Reg| that was great
[22:37] |RaK|KoC| in a few months
[22:37] |RaK|KoC| ill let it out
[22:37] |RaK|KoC| lol
[22:38] |Reg| I DO’NT UNDERSTAND
[22:38] |RaK|KoC| heh
[22:38] |RaK|KoC| he’s using a hacked client !
[22:38] |RaK|KoC| I’ll get my sentinel friend to ban him
[22:38] |Reg| lol
[22:39] |Reg| i’m good friends with a few admins!
[22:39] |RaK|KoC| what a moron
[22:41] |RaK|KoC| i wish they’d have posted on cod
[22:41] |RaK|KoC| they’d look so dumb
[22:41] |RaK|KoC| lol
[22:42] |Reg| lol
[22:42] |Reg| they wouldn’t post
[22:42] |Reg| cos
[22:42] |Reg| they want the spot
[22:42] |Reg| if they post half of dt goes to camp
[22:42] |hal-afk| lol
[22:42] |RaK|KoC| yah khosaf wouldnt even say
[22:42] |RaK|KoC| he was at martinate
[22:42] |RaK|KoC| holding

HEH now I guess everyone can enjoy the log !

[23:17] ||zak|| HAHAHA
[23:17] ||zak|| ANOTEHR QUEEN
[23:17] |[Ezekiel]| :-[]
[23:17] |[Ezekiel]| who got it
[23:17] ||zak|| zunk
[23:17] ||zak|| we got 3
[23:17] ||zak|| no
[23:17] |[Ezekiel]| :-]

Third queen today, while TLS cores were jacking off “camping para’s spot” lol

[23:25] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: Khosaf.
[23:25] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: yeah
[23:25] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: I think I know exactly where he is.
[23:25] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: [06:23] |Kho`saf| you keep macroing though
[23:25] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: [06:23] |Kho`saf| i’ll see you when you’re 126
[23:25] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: [06:23] |[Ezekiel]| I’ll be done in a couple days
[23:25] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: [06:24] |Kho`saf| thats fine
[23:25] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: [06:24] |[Ezekiel]| 123 1/4
[23:25] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: Right at the end of the dungeon there is an npc virinid.
[23:25] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: eh
[23:25] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: That may explain the npc dot on his radar
[23:25] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: yeah
[23:25] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: thast what i thought..
[23:26] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: That’s alot deeper than most people twink.
[23:26] |[TLSPVT]| zak i dun even have the url anymore
[23:26] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: yeah i agree!
[23:26] ||zak||
[23:26] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: What am I agreeing to?
[23:26] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: deeper
[23:26] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: oh yes
[23:26] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: 🙁
[23:26] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: deeper
[23:26] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: oh oh oh
[23:26] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: ahhhh ic
[23:26] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: YES
[23:26] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: DEAPER
[23:26] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: YES!!!!!!!!1111111
[23:26] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: See if you can get a party together to escort a spot-tier down there tonight
[23:26] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: Ryuken
[23:26] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: thats what im trying to say..

LOL Khosaf trying to act smart again, that really doesn’t sound right ;(

[23:26] ||zak|| hahaha
[23:26] ||zak|| we should sit there
[23:26] ||zak|| but then
[23:26] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: Ohhh if this has something to do with macroing… IM INTERESTED!
[23:26] ||zak|| they would know we had a spy
[23:26] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: lol
[23:27] ||zak|| if we would be at martinates
[23:27] ||zak|| killing them lol
[23:27] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: We found Para’s dungeon, katz
[23:27] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: On ML?
[23:27] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: yes
[23:27] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: Like everyone “thought?”
[23:27] |[TLSPVT]| |*Tapir*|: you think it’s martinate?
[23:27] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: para god macros where
[23:27] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: na
[23:27] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: I bet i can affect him w/ my life/war
[23:27] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: some o.O has like 400 magic d
[23:27] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: Martinate is making more and more sense.
[23:27] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: I could be a serious pain in his arse if someone gives me a macro
[23:27] |[Ezekiel]| I bet you cant
[23:27] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: lies
[23:27] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: his magic d is 200,000,000 to raise
[23:28] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: and hes only like 110
[23:28] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: In case you were wondering ish…
[23:28] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: I’m the walrus. =/
[23:28] |[Ezekiel]| 110?
[23:28] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: Koo Koo Kachoo.
[23:28] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: omfg wtf irl
[23:28] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: irl
[23:28] |[Ezekiel]| wtf
[23:28] |[Ezekiel]| 122
[23:28] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: uhm
[23:28] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: 400 magicd ?
[23:28] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: wtf?
[23:28] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: thats bullshit
[23:28] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: its like 390
[23:28] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: yeah it is
[23:28] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: ill see if ican fidn thepic
[23:28] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: 80 mil at 342 (dunno if that’s w/ dark rain)
[23:28] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: or just ac stats
[23:29] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: sec
[23:29] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: acstats shows base skills
[23:29] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: You’re on some VERY expensive drugs if you think someone has 390 base magic D
[23:29] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: 290 base I can handle maybe
[23:29] ||zak|| 290 base
[23:29] ||zak|| HEHE
[23:29] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: yeah 290 actually sounds about right…
[23:29] ||zak|| after 126
[23:29] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: for 200 mil/pt
[23:29] ||zak|| i put ALL xp
[23:29] ||zak|| into resst
[23:29] ||zak|| till its 292
[23:29] ||zak|| then i use tess+dark rain
[23:29] ||zak|| and whoop
[23:30] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: So who’s going to “escort” me to para’s macro spot again? 😀
[23:30] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: |[Ezekiel]| you guys spend to much of your free time looking for me
[23:30] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: |_Venom_| i havnt play’d ac for a month
[23:30] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: |_Venom_| :p
[23:30] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|:
[23:30] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: yes – see 290 we could swallow….
[23:30] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: 390 was pushing it ~_~
[23:30] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: uhm
[23:30] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: thats fucked up
[23:30] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: katz swallows a lot
[23:31] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: this must be a TON
[23:31] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: 😉
[23:31] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: :/
[23:31] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: Someone needs to teach you some manners, boy!
[23:31] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: i love it when you talk dirty!
[23:31] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: omg
[23:31] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: the guy only has 249 base focus/self
[23:31] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: That would hurt
[23:31] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: at level 110
[23:31] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: thats ridiculous
[23:31] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: yeah but 290 magic D
[23:32] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: and yes 290 magicd
[23:32] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: i’d say he’s doing OK!
[23:32] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: well
[23:32] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: lol
[23:32] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: 290 magicd = tesseras + dark rain scroll
[23:32] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: his other skills suck
[23:32] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: His illustrious majesty – addiction, only has 280 base magic D!
[23:32] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: Yeah
[23:32] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: i hear ya bebe
[23:32] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: So do u guys want me to take over para god’s macro spot or did you have someone else in mind?
[23:32] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: zeke keeps trying to get at me
[23:33] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: i’m like low in the chain, so i would help much of the guild
[23:33] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: katz
[23:33] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: Gymp still spot tied ?
[23:33] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: Yeah dude
[23:33] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: he’s itching for some macro action
[23:33] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: some 100 mil a day macro action
[23:33] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: katz
[23:33] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: well im pretty sure we found him
[23:33] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: We have powders for that
[23:33] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: youre higher than me in the chain =P
[23:33] |RaK|KoC| lol
[23:33] |RaK|KoC| khosaf
[23:33] |RaK|KoC| you’re such a retard
[23:33] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: no ish i’m not
[23:33] |[Ezekiel]| |*Kho`saf*|: well im pretty sure we found him
[23:33] |[Ezekiel]| haha

Good old Khosaf, I never managed to figure if he was as dumb or dumber than Naudica ;p

[23:33] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: i’m not in the chain yet
[23:33] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: oh
[23:33] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: but i will be in the chain soon
[23:33] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: what lvl are you
[23:33] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: and when i am, i might be higher – i dunno
[23:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: Okatz != dagashi.
[23:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: our umm pusher guy is like 78?
[23:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*Tapir*|: we should put a macro under me so it feeds EVERYONE above level 85! what a great idea!
[23:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: gimp is what lvl
[23:34] |[Ezekiel]| Hmm how could I spin this
[23:34] |[Ezekiel]| make them think they found me
[23:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: Gimp is 73
[23:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: yay
[23:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: im 73
[23:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: either way
[23:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: are you going to maro gimp
[23:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: 350-360magicd
[23:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: Shrug ish, i haven’t levelled in a LONG time
[23:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*Tapir*|: Ish, tell em it’s a good idea
[23:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: doesnt worry me in the slightest
[23:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: not at all
[23:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: no
[23:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: we should macro
[23:34] |RaK|KoC| post something like
[23:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: 73+! 😉
[23:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: not when i have 400 life/war
[23:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: even an inept
[23:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: and i’ll land on him easy
[23:34] |[Ezekiel]| I know
[23:34] |RaK|KoC| “im going on vacation for a week, wont be there to macro”
[23:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: u buy bane grievver i tak eit?
[23:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: kho what lvla reyou now
[23:35] |RaK|KoC| or something
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: you dont have 400 life war
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: 🙁
[23:35] |RaK|KoC| they’ll think like
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: i didnt buy bane grievver
[23:35] |RaK|KoC| haha
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: why would i buy bane grievver
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: =/
[23:35] |[Ezekiel]| watch this
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: and u got that much life/war?
[23:35] |RaK|KoC| he knows we found him
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: =/
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: venom
[23:35] |[Ezekiel]| i bet he posts what I just said to him
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: =/
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: how much do you want to bet
[23:35] |[Ezekiel]| watch
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: heh
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: that’s kinda sexy if u do
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: =/
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: 395 maybe
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: :p
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: Ok
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: Well, how about this
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: [06:34] |[Ezekiel]| I might just quit macroing Para today and start playing him, let him hit level 126 from vassals 🙂
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: you guys let me know if u want me to try to take over his macro spot 😀

Heh why do them GEN / TLS always bite so fast !

[23:35] |hal-afk| haha
[23:35] |[Ezekiel]| LOL I TOLD YOU
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: lol
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: you know why
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: because we found his fuckin macro spot
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: lolol


[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: I’d REALLY REALLY REALLY like to fight him incessantly for about 8 hours a day
[23:35] ||zak|| HAHAH
[23:35] ||zak|| hes so easy
[23:35] ||zak|| to play
[23:35] |[Ezekiel]| He fucking walked right into that
[23:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: and i stay up late so i can really fuck up his macroing
[23:35] |hal-afk| HAHA
[23:36] |hal-afk| thats to funny
[23:36] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: so lemme know
[23:36] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: going in game on el massacre
[23:36] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: Katz is motivated.
[23:36] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: fuck yeah i wanna wreck some people’s days!
[23:36] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: blood = trash talkers = my pet peeve = i want revenge
[23:36] |[TLSPVT]| HAHAHA
[23:36] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: zeke is someone I’d like to wreck.
[23:36] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: Kho
[23:36] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: if you guys make a reroll chain
[23:36] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: lemme join up ;/
[23:36] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: i wnat a grief mage ^_^
[23:36] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: =D
[23:36] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: 2 words ish
[23:36] |[TLSPVT]| zeke
[23:36] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: NO SOUP FOR YOU!
[23:36] |[TLSPVT]| go post on cod
[23:36] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: LOL
[23:36] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: that’s four
[23:36] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: NO
[23:36] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: ITS 2!
[23:36] |[TLSPVT]| you wont macro for a week
[23:37] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ishmalzilla*|: ROFL
[23:37] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: 🙂
[23:37] |[TLSPVT]| with a different reason
[23:37] |hal-afk| they will see that hes logged on
[23:37] |[TLSPVT]| like vacation or so like rak said
[23:37] |[Ezekiel]| They will still see Para God (online)
[23:37] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: Every time i say “2 words” then someone’s name, u can count on it being more than 2 words 😀
[23:37] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect[wrk]*|: I hear the problem with too much math is you forget the basics.
[23:37] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: my gf pwoend zeke’s wife
[23:37] |[Ezekiel]| God these guys are easy
[23:37] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: :\
[23:37] ||zak|| _Venom_|: my gf pwoend zeke’s wife
[23:37] ||zak|| lol
[23:37] |[TLSPVT]| i can post the link to the post with my other nick in their chan
[23:37] |[Ezekiel]| |[Ezekiel]| Tell me thats not really your GF
[23:37] |[Ezekiel]| |_Venom_| fuzzynuts?
[23:37] |[Ezekiel]| |_Venom_| i told kuhal he didnt have the balls to post it.. :p so he did :-\
[23:37] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: you guys aint seen nothing yet
[23:37] |RaK|KoC| each time i see venom’s name
[23:37] |RaK|KoC| i laugh at him giving pnot / i 1 k
[23:37] |RaK|KoC| for free
[23:37] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: It all comes down to “who is the walrus,” really.
[23:37] |RaK|KoC| for EC
[23:37] |RaK|KoC| HEH
[23:37] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_*|: zeke’s wife= loose from two many kids! :p
[23:37] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: lemme hook up with this barmaid i’ll show you some real woman =/
[23:38] |RaK|KoC| the fucker was too cheap
[23:38] |RaK|KoC| to pay the rest
[23:38] |RaK|KoC| so we kept the 1k
[23:38] |RaK|KoC| as planned with him at the start if he wouldnt pay
[23:38] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: Ok Yes i say some stupid shit sometimes, but I really really really would like to macro in the middle of the chain, so let me know
[23:38] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: going in game, hf!
[23:38] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: brian = THE GAY
[23:38] |[TLSPVT]| zeke go post something on cod
[23:38] |[Ezekiel]| grr
[23:38] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: I solemnly dub thee.. “THE GAY”
[23:38] |[TLSPVT]| so i can realy it inside their chan
[23:38] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: phuk u!
[23:38] ||zak|| TLSpvt
[23:39] ||zak|| relax a lil
[23:39] |[TLSPVT]| haha man look how they all start to get mad about that macro spot
[23:39] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: well HARROW?
[23:39] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: ^_^
[23:39] |RaK|KoC| those fucks
[23:39] |RaK|KoC| made me loose connect
[23:39] |RaK|KoC| on half
[23:39] |RaK|KoC| by idling
[23:39] |RaK|KoC| reading them
[23:39] |RaK|KoC| 🙁
[23:39] |[TLSPVT]| you think they will kos each other over it before they realize their wall hugging macro cant drain bigger tuskers ?
[23:39] |[Ezekiel]| haha rak
[23:39] |[Ezekiel]| good time to goto DM then
[23:40] |RaK|KoC| no
[23:40] |RaK|KoC| its bedtime
[23:40] |RaK|KoC| soon
[23:40] |RaK|KoC| anyway that was a funny night
[23:41] ||zak|| rak
[23:41] |RaK|KoC| khosaf is more entertaining than ever
[23:41] ||zak|| its not even midnight
[23:41] ||zak|| hehe
[23:41] |[TLSPVT]| lol venoms girlfriend looks nice, as long as you put a bag or something on their face
[23:41] ||zak|| u wuss
[23:41] |RaK|KoC| zak i work tomorrow
[23:41] |RaK|KoC| u no life
[23:41] |RaK|KoC| i wish i could still
[23:41] |RaK|KoC| go to bed at 6am
[23:41] |RaK|KoC| like in the old days
[23:41] |RaK|KoC| 🙁
[23:42] ||zak|| dude
[23:43] ||zak|| i worked whole day
[23:43] ||zak|| 4 queen quests
[23:43] ||zak|| !

*Going to bed*

[02:21] |[TLSPVT]| |*Eifersucht*|: what was para’s spot?

Notice how nobody will tell him lol

[03:48] |[TLSPVT]| |*Valiance*|: kho
[03:49] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: yes
[03:49] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: i told you fuckers
[03:49] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: he was in there
[03:49] |[TLSPVT]| |*Valiance*|: hes not
[03:49] |[TLSPVT]| |*Valiance*|: jmb went all over
[03:49] |[TLSPVT]| |*Valiance*|: me and lotus went all over
[03:49] |[TLSPVT]| |*Valiance*|: hes not there
[03:50] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_|ZzZ*|: moved?
[03:50] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: im sure hes in there goddamnit
[03:50] |[TLSPVT]| |*Valiance*|: kho
[03:50] |[TLSPVT]| |*Valiance*|: we went ALL over
[03:50] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: you know why
[03:50] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: because that fuck
[03:50] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_|ZzZ*|: if not…. good place to macro
[03:50] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: comes in here
[03:50] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: and starts talking shit to me
[03:50] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: saying
[03:50] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: you’re not meant to find him
[03:50] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: blah blah blah
[03:50] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: after i went into the dungeon
[03:50] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: looking for him
[03:51] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: what would possess him
[03:51] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: to do that
[03:51] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: i mean
[03:51] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: think about it
[03:51] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: he is at the PC..
[03:51] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: sees his macro is getting triggered off lots
[03:51] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: by who else
[03:51] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: but Jmb and Kho
[03:51] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: hmm, maybe I’ll recall to LS
[03:51] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: but stay logged on
[03:51] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: to throw them off
[03:51] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: but he always makes the mistake
[03:51] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: of coming and talking shit to me
[03:51] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: ALWAYS does it
[03:52] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: when i reported him for duping
[03:52] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: he came in and talked shit to me
[03:52] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: and guess what
[03:52] |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: he got banned for duping
[03:52] |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_|ZzZ*|: lol
[03:53] *** twiz has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer_)
[03:53] |[TLSPVT]| |*Valiance*|: so we should lay off?
[03:53] |[TLSPVT]| |*Valiance*|: let him get comfy again
[03:54] |Reg| lol
[03:54] |Reg| they think we know
[03:54] |Reg| because of the auto logging
[03:54] |Reg| ahaha
[03:55] |[TLSPVT]| |*Okatz|IG*|: If he gets comfy, he’s pumping expo up
[03:55] |[TLSPVT]| |*Okatz|IG*|: I personally prefer him to be “uncomfy”
[03:55] |[TLSPVT]| |*Okatz|IG*|: but that’s just me ~_~

[04:14] |EZ|afk| those guys are dumb

[06:46] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: Just found Rhu/Entrophee macro spot
[06:47] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: North fork Dam Portal ~_~
[06:47] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: dunno if anyone knew that… i’m tied there now..
[06:47] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: so i’m going to play attack the meaniehead pk over and over from now on =/

WOW you’re smart ! they’ve only been there for ages :p

[06:47] |hal-afk| bleah
[06:47] |[Entr0phy]| lmao
[06:47] |[Ezekiel]| haha
[06:47] |[Ezekiel]| what a dumb fuck
[06:48] |Reg| zeke
[06:48] |Reg| you’re wanted
[06:48] |Reg| in #blood
[06:48] |[Entr0phy]| Macro Wars 5 day tally: Lag: 1 TLS:6 Ent/Rhu/Mant 33 with 24 more logging or recalling
[06:48] |[Entr0phy]| fuckers can bring it all they want
[06:48] |[Ezekiel]| fuck that gay channel
[06:48] |Reg| dread wants to talk to you
[06:48] |Reg| i think
[06:48] |Reg| he’s been missin you =[
[06:49] |[Entr0phy]| is okatz
[06:49] |[Entr0phy]| katz’ ?
[06:49] |Reg| i think it’s the guy who bought him
[06:49] |Reg| not sure
[06:49] |[Entr0phy]| |OKatz|: dunno if anyone knew that… i’m tied there now.. || clueless fuck

[07:01] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: ok
[07:01] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: well
[07:01] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: he and I are going to play “no, it’s my spot” until he leaves =(

Are you sure ?

[07:02] |Zuce|AFK| 0katz is like a lvl 80+ recall anywhere portal logger
[07:02] |Zuce|AFK| on gimp slayer
[07:02] |Zuce|AFK| heh
[07:05] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: Hi
[07:05] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: I need someone to pick a lock for me at the north fork dam thingie
[07:05] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: so i can get a spot tie where this guy is
[07:05] |Reg| lol
[07:05] |[TLSPVT]| |*Zojakownith*|: no lp
[07:05] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: no lp?
[07:05] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: huh?
[07:06] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: there’s a locked door… on the way up…
[07:06] |[TLSPVT]| |*Zojakownith*|: no lockpick
[07:06] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: do i not need lockpick to find him?
[07:06] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: ok… i’ll try again
[07:06] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: the water fucks w/ me
[07:06] |hal-afk| rofl
[07:06] |Reg| he’s saying
[07:06] |Reg| he doesn’t have lockpick
[07:06] |Reg| you stupid stupid bastard
[07:07] |Decay[KoC]| god
[07:07] |Decay[KoC]| why are they such morons
[07:07] |[Ezekiel]| |[Entr0phy]| Vapor Golem’s attack reduces Gimp Slayer to cinders!
[07:07] |[Ezekiel]| Nice 🙂
[07:07] |Decay[KoC]| hah

[07:32] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: Hey if someone can help me get a spot tie to this dude’s exact macro spot i could cause him a lot of grief
[07:32] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: so far i haven’t been able to get down there (mainly because he’s there monitoring his macro i guess)
[07:33] |Reg| lol
[07:34] |Decay[KoC]| man why dont they give up
[07:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*Valiance*|: katz
[07:34] |Decay[KoC]| they are either really determined
[07:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*Valiance*|: msg me in a few
[07:34] |Reg| they cannot give up
[07:34] |Decay[KoC]| or just plain morons
[07:34] |[TLSPVT]| |*Valiance*|: ill pick the lock for u
[07:34] |Reg| they are THE LAST STAND
[07:34] |Decay[KoC]| hahaha
[07:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: oh rock on!
[07:35] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|: ok
[07:35] |Decay[KoC]| i wonder how many of those morons
[07:35] |Reg| rock on!
[07:35] |Decay[KoC]| will defect to blood within
[07:35] |Decay[KoC]| the next month
[07:35] |Reg| heh
[07:35] |twiz|afk| I AM THE LAST STAND

[07:42] |[Entr0phy]| You killed Gimp Slayer!
[07:42] |Reg| does that work?
[07:42] |Reg| nice ent
[07:42] |Reg| hehe

LOL poor Katz

Now time for me to wake up :p

[08:17] |RaK|ZzZZ| |[TLSPVT]| |*Valiance*|: kho
[08:17] |RaK|ZzZZ| |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: yes
[08:17] |RaK|ZzZZ| |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: i told you fuckers
[08:17] |RaK|ZzZZ| |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: he was in there
[08:17] |RaK|ZzZZ| |[TLSPVT]| |*Valiance*|: hes not
[08:17] |RaK|ZzZZ| |[TLSPVT]| |*Valiance*|: jmb went all over
[08:17] |RaK|ZzZZ| |[TLSPVT]| |*Valiance*|: me and lotus went all over
[08:17] |RaK|ZzZZ| |[TLSPVT]| |*Valiance*|: hes not there
[08:17] |RaK|ZzZZ| |[TLSPVT]| |*_Venom_|ZzZ*|: moved?
[08:17] |RaK|ZzZZ| |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: im sure hes in there goddamnit
[08:17] |RaK|ZzZZ| |[TLSPVT]| |*Valiance*|: kho
[08:17] |RaK|ZzZZ| |[TLSPVT]| |*Valiance*|: we went ALL over
[08:17] |RaK|ZzZZ| |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: you know why
[08:17] |RaK|ZzZZ| |[TLSPVT]| |*Kho`saf*|: because that fuck
[08:17] |RaK|ZzZZ| HAHA
[08:17] |RaK|ZzZZ| Kho is my bitch :p
[08:17] |[Entr0phy]| lol
[08:18] |[Entr0phy]| gjob rak
[08:18] |[Entr0phy]| i heard about it
[08:18] |[Entr0phy]| some level 73 recall anywhere is moving in on my spot
[08:18] |[Entr0phy]| killed him 2x today
[08:20] |RaK|ZzZZ| “watch para he insta logs, i bet he’s using fast logging client hack”
[08:20] |RaK|ZzZZ| LOL

[10:40] |RaK|Work| any news from my Khosaf’bitch ?
[10:55] ||zak|| no
[10:56] ||zak|| did u do what we talked about yesterday?
[10:56] |RaK|Work| no as i told u and zeke
[10:56] |RaK|Work| i’m doing it tonight
[10:56] |RaK|Work| no time for that yesterday with work today

What the hell are Zak and Rak talking about ? doing what ?

[00:20] |[Ezekiel]| prose
[00:20] |[Ezekiel]| Registered User
[00:20] |[Ezekiel]| Posts: 113
[00:20] |[Ezekiel]| (1/11/02 12:50:02 pm)
[00:20] |[Ezekiel]| Reply Zeke’s macro spot has been found!
[00:20] |[Ezekiel]| ——————————————————————————–
[00:20] |[Ezekiel]| Thanks to Inhuman and company of BRN.
[00:20] |[Ezekiel]| He told me where but I don’t think he wants it public as he either wants to macro/level there.
[00:20] |[Ezekiel]| He said he will be telling Lotus X / Afflicted so they can setup anti macro spot tie melees
[00:20] |[Ezekiel]| No more 118 million a day for you!
[00:20] |[Ezekiel]| Player of Broken Staff
[00:26] |[Ezekiel]| they wish :-()

Oh my !!?? did the evil Rak run Para God and let himself die to a bunch of tusker to let them think he was macroing there !!!??? that is pure evil ! LOL


[02:46] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|*:* Hey can someone pick the lock for me in the north fork dam dungeon so i can get to entrophee’s spot?
[02:48] |[TLSPVT]| |*pincher*|*:* hey can anyone help me get sprayed, i want in on jumping bloods
[02:48] |[TLSPVT]| |*Zojakownith*|*:* no pick
[02:49] |[TLSPVT]| |*pincher*|*:* damnit zojak
[02:49] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|*:* the door requires pick, zojak
[02:49] |[TLSPVT]| |*pincher*|*:* yes
[02:50] |[TLSPVT]| |*pincher*|*:* need a picker to get us in
[02:50] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|*:* this guy (rhu/entrophee) is pretty persistent with his macros ~_~

lol poor katz has been crying all day 🙁

[02:56] |[TLSPVT]| |*pincher*|*:* hey can anyone help me get sprayed, i want in on jumping bloods
[02:56] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|*:* ok i can’t do much damage playing drain games with a khao mage who has more than 30 levels on me
[02:56] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|*:* =(
[02:57] |[TLSPVT]| |*pincher*|*:* lol
[02:57] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|*:* Need a direct tie into his macro spot =P
[02:57] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|*:* which requires lockpick ~_~
[02:57] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|*:* even still, i don’t know if i can outlast this guy, he has a lot of time on his hands apparently
[02:58] |[TLSPVT]| |*pincher*|*:* lol
[02:58] |[TLSPVT]| |*Zojakownith*|*:* no pick
[02:58] |[TLSPVT]| |*Zojakownith*|*:* ill be 93 by end of today or when i log in tomorrow
[02:58] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|*:* yes zojak, we’ve noted that
[02:58] |[TLSPVT]| |*pincher*|*:* lololol
[02:58] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|*:* that’s great, i wish i could get that kinda xp
[02:59] |[TLSPVT]| |*Zojakownith*|*:* ill be 93 by end of today or when i log in tomorrow
[02:59] |[TLSPVT]| |*pincher*|*:* damnit zojak
[02:59] |[TLSPVT]| |*pincher*|*:* damnit zojak
[02:59] |[TLSPVT]| |*pincher*|*:* damnit zojak
[02:59] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|*:* and you’re still lower level than my firs char was when i sold him over 6 months ago
[02:59] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|*:* so get over urself =P
[02:59] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|*:* yare!@!!
[02:59] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|*:* can u help me pick the lock to entrophee’s room?
[02:59] |[TLSPVT]| |*pincher*|*:* hey can anyone help me get sprayed, i want in on jumping bloods
[03:00] |[TLSPVT]| |*Yare*|*:* i think i have katz in there
[03:00] |[TLSPVT]| |*Zojakownith*|*:* ill be 93 by end of today or when i log in tomorrow
[03:00] |[TLSPVT]| |*Yare*|*:* ill open her up
[03:00] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|*:* sweet can u help me out then? 😀
[03:00] |[TLSPVT]| |*Yare*|*:* be a sec though
[03:00] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|*:* fantastic i’ll log in now and distract him
[03:00] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|*:* oik
[03:00] |[TLSPVT]| |*pincher*|*:* is that the place u get spayed at
[03:01] |hal-afk| sounds like okatz was saying same shit yesterday

Yah 24h of Katz crying lol

[03:01] |[TLSPVT]| |*Zojakownith*|*:* pincher
[03:01] |[TLSPVT]| |*Zojakownith*|*:* go to the vet to get spayed
[03:02] |[TLSPVT]| |*pincher*|*:* lol damn u
[03:02] |[TLSPVT]| |*pincher*|*:* sprayed damnit
[03:02] *** Lucifer| has quit IRC (Ping timeout_)
[03:02] |[TLSPVT]| |*Yare*|*:* going on katz
[03:03] ||zak|| yea
[03:03] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|*:* ok
[03:03] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|*:* i think he built me into his macro
[03:03] |[TLSPVT]| |*OKatz*|*:* both chars fuckin drain me when they see me now =/
[03:04] |[TLSPVT]| |*Yare*|*:* get on your guy
[03:04] |[TLSPVT]| |*Yare*|*:* entro is trying to drain me
[03:04] |[TLSPVT]| |*Ryuken|Aspect*|*:* Yare, I’ll need Katz later on tonight, just a heads up
[05:04] *** Disconnected
[05:05] *** Attempting to rejoin…
Session Close: Sat Jan 12 05:05:47 2002

THE END.. at least for this part ;p

But then TLS found out in february where Para God was really macroing !!! err our maybe not !

From: Mr_Sinister (view profile)
ID: KtN5Fd69EwM
Date: Feb 2 2002 1:42AM
Subject: Its true Bishop IX was hacked

And its probably not a good time to propaganda about it to piss me off, cause I already am.

If anyone thinks they can help me out join in IRC.stratics.


Or just ICQ me:103086985


It all started with Mr_Sinister getting hacked, yet he acted pretty weird for someone hacked since within the day he was already rejoicing that he knew where para was macroing !
Note that when Bishop IX hacker swore him to Blood, several TLS macroing ended up by breaking their patron because of the anti blood code built in ACScript LOL…

So I wonder how many of the Hopeslayer gems Blood duped… – NT – D Feb 2 2002 2:03PM
Duno, but i just got a few 🙂 – NT – Mr_Sinister Feb 2 2002 5:17PM
that portal is recallable if you havent learned tie… – Drsuce Feb 2 2002 3:35PM
Doesnt really matter much,, – Binbs Feb 2 2002 2:46PM
The spot is being removed anyway… along with the foundry… – D Feb 2 2002 2:56PM
D , what do you expect from Turbine 🙁 those guys are morons – XYZ Feb 2 2002 4:11PM
hopeslayer gems? – NT – Dranven II Feb 2 2002 2:33PM
Why dont you ask Paragod? – D Feb 2 2002 2:42PM
mutha beetches, so thats where his 4mil an hour macro spot is? – NT – Dranven II Feb 2 2002 2:46PM
no.Obie =p – NT – fru Feb 2 2002 2:38PM

Sorry to dissapoint you, but no Para never macroed there :p

A few days before the 1st anti macro patch, we heard TLS were coming to a dungeon into which we had other bloods macroing. The temptation was too big so we brought Para there and waited for their arrival knowing that the dungeon was getting nerfed 3 days later in the patch. The same thing happened, they spammed Para for hours telling him they knew where he was macroing, while he was at his real macro spot gaining the same xp he’d been gaining all these months ;p

The failure of TLS can be seen to the following URL :

TLS are now reduced to camp our 4rth generation rerolls lol


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