Funny stuff - Asheron's Call Darktide

Old school PK & PVP

By Rak -=KoC=-

Some funny stuff happening while playing AC

When people prefer to jump from a cliff than dying from you :p

Heh this one is quite funny. We kill some level 15- Blood bothering us and the next thing we hear from him is : “you’ll be kicked from Blood for that”. Damn we suddenly wished we hadn’t done that !!!! lol

Maedhros was a guy I had met while leveling my reroll at GBG, he told me later on he was a sentinel. Anyways he had just got pked by Parabolic in DM and had to take his sentinel shift so he asked me to kill Parabolic for him and tell him when the job was done heh :p

Silly Admin spamming us…


The old sentinels 🙁

The joys of LS camping lol

Thats one of the frag dungeons. Like 16 frags used to spawn in here, sadly the dungeons got removed the patch after.

Bael’Zharon invading Kara. He got angry when we tested his powers :p

Blood, the only monarchy Bael’Zharon accepted under him. Sadly there was a bug with the monarchy title so we broke from him after a few days.

Ah the joys of twinking ! Casting high level spells on a low level friend to powerlevel him in high level zones…

Hah poor guys :p All these antis / neutrals mostly Alberons trying to exploit the Platinum Scarab bug. We killed so many of them it was unbeleavable.

Back to AB with a few Scarabs taken next to our victims bodies

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