Getting a counselor disrobed on Ultima Online

Old school PK & PVP

By Rak -=KoC=-

Europa server

Ok now this one was REALLY funny :p

I saw this french group getting ready for a wedding. They gated to some maze near Trinsic, I followed and marked a rune.

I started stealing them and was recalling away to bank their stuff each time… The Senior Companion who was in charge of the wedding told them they could kill me without taking kills and he was yelling : “kill him, kill him” in french. That was quite “uncalled” and not professional from a UO volunteer in fonction to do that…

Anyways I recalled back to town, logged on my 2nd computer on a 2nd account that had a char with the same name but had 10 hps and was not in theives guild. That was quite evil but it did work fine. When I went back there with him, the Senior Companion yelled to them to kill me, and it gave me the pleasure to report 3 of them for murder lol.

They were totally pissed and the Senior Companion who had no clue was even more pissed. So he abused his powers even more by teleporting me back to Skara.

During the whole time I had been in the Counselor channel and had told my fellow counselors what had just happened. The Shard Lead Counselor told me that even if my attitude was a bit greif, it didn’t justify at all such an abuse of powers.

The next thing I saw on my “newbie fake thief” was the Shard Lead Counselor disrobing the Senior Companion in front of everyone ROFL.

That was totally hillarious :p

For the story he got his robe back a few days later because OSI needed him but he had a warning placed over his head heh.

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