Asheron's Call Chats

Old school PK & PVP

By Rak -=KoC=-

Some funny chat messages I received while playing AC

Gotta love how much people can bitch :p

I don’t know which one is worse :p Prolly that Indigo-Seth. Seventhis / Bloodycats was just a kid.

Oh no I’m “FUCKED” hes gonna haxor me through my POP3 !!!! LMAO

Heh I know vitae is unpleasant, but is it that bad ? 🙂

The hard life on DT 🙁

Getting LS trolls banned for corpse spamming is fun, but its even better when you get a 6k monarchy to private message an admin 🙂

And sometimes, the admin actually does his job after a simple request

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