House looting - Ultima Online

Old school PK & PVP

By Rak -=KoC=-

On Europa & Chesapeake UO shards

Damn dupers heh. That house was filled with bags with stacks of 10k in it. Some newb was gating Drax Elvenblade from LOV there. I followed them in the gate with my thief and stole his keys. I then came back and looted all the cash with my friend Pyros. It was really some funny shit since we made like an 100 to 150k (a lot of cash at the time).

God some moron died with runes / keys to 2 large forges and 2 smalls, no need to say we went on a loot fest, although the 2 larges were empty.

This one was great. A PvP tournament was organized and had between 15 to 20 peeps from various guilds. Three of us had kinda infiltraded the place by taking a gate spawned in town. We started eating the food on the table then the Guild Master of the AoA guild went mad at us for that and started attacking me. He died, and we looted the key off his body. Next 2 hours were fun, since like all the guests started attacking me and my 2 friends :p I made TONS of loot there.

That guy was trying to get an air elemental in his house, so I jumped in with my friend Pyros and we started looting his house, then stole his key. He attacked one of us, and we proceeded to kill him. After that we totally looted clean the place and put what we didn’t need on the steps. Way to be kicked out of your own house :p

I was on my PK in Deceit level 2 when I see a guild with like 6 or 7 guys. They attack me but I manage to kill 2 of them, the rest ending up recalling. On one of them I find a key and a rune, I try them with my main and find that tower :p I then proceeded to gate all their stuff to my courtyard till they arrived and changed the keys. It was too late for them though heh

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