Tuesday, May 29 2001

Best of Asheron's Call Darktide

Prove it!

(how to fake selling your account and to fake your own death IRL by Naudica GEN)

Starting with the best of the best... : "Prove it"

It all started when GEN got kicked out of AB by Blood & JoV, before even taking it over from antis. When that happened, Naudica realized he had bet on the wrong horse. He messaged Blood leaders and NH (JoV leader) wanting to fake having sold his account to be able to rejoin Blood/JoV...

A few months later, having a laugh on dt's public irc room, the subject came in a discussion but Naudica couldn't admit what he had done in the past so he told NH to "prove it".

NH : I can prove it jesse NH : don't ask me to please

But N (Naudica) dumb as always pushed NH to prove it, thinking NH would not be able to :

N : do it then N : or shut up

unfortunatly for Naudica, NH had kept emails from back then ;)

N : fuck you nighthawk N... has left #dnn

Awe :(


In the week following this event, someone saying he was naudica's father posted on COD (with the same ID than Naudica) saying his son had died from a terrible illness and trying to get everyone's compassion for the "dead" naudica... Of course most people had doubts about it being true, and we soon found out that it was all a lie made up by naudica to get people's compassion for him lol. This has to be the biggest soap opera on ACDT ever...

From: Glenn Pool ID: S6Vvac3tzWE Date: May 02, 2001 at 01:01 am Subject: Your friend Naudica has passed away...

From: N ID: S6Vvac3tzWE Date: April 13, 2001 at 7:03 pm Subject: This game is dead. - NT

My GF was at the door !

(how to log behind a tree when you are about to die from a fight and claim you did it because of your GF - Dagashi/Wilc GEN)


Parthor was fighting Wilc aka The Dagashi. Dagashi was getting owned so he ran and logged just behind a tree to prevent the killing war from hitting him.

Since GEN had a no log policy back then and parth had taken screen shot, Dagashi was in a tough situation so he came out with all sorts of excuse such as "My GF was at the door"... Yet if it had just been a mater of getting someone at the door, he could have just recalled, so his excuse didn't stand 1 sec :(

I don't client hack, watch the "You've jumped too recently!" message!

(How to godmode client hack and claim honor on the boards by faking a client message - Khosaf and GEN Cores)


Continuing with GEN lies... several times we could see GEN cores jumping like rabbits to godmode despise the godmode fix... They claimed they weren't using the Client Hack and to "prove it" they were taking screen shots of the "You've jumped too recently!" message that was usually removed with the godmode client hack.

Not only being cheaters, they were also hypocrites. They had made a client hack that not only gave them godmode abilities but also allowed them to keep the "You've jumped too recently!" message to continue to claim being "cheat free" on the boards. Thats rather sad, especially when we all know what happend to GEN and their multiple disband/tag changes :p

Gen cores letting out their secret!

(how to reveal your secret weap to your worse enemy by mistake - Rumble GEN)


Gear spreading into GEN ranks made its secret harder to keep. What Rumble had just experienced due to the lag created by his own gear alerted us.

After a small investigation we put our hand on that "Gear" program and a few hours later we had an equivalent and much easier to use version called SpeedHack.

For weird reason, GEN really didn't like it when we used their own weapon agains them ;) I still remember going skating all over Kara with Zeke heh

I don't gear I just have super mega high run!

(how to claim you don't gear but your run is just too high eventhough you have low quickness - Naudica GEN)


Hah... Who said Alpha-Male (Naudica) is an horrible liar? Getting badly owned, he put his gear at max speed to run away... but since he didn't have the balls admitting he was gearing, he claimed it was because of his 480 run, which was rather funny since a simple ID of his char showed he only had 158 buffed quickness :)

Why not use both gear and client hack at the same time?

(how to use both gear and client hack at the same time - Blattos GEN)


Due to the conjonction of both gear and the client hack, people could cast spells on you while running full speed, despise server restrictions since the server was confused about their position. As you can see, spells are landing on the char without even hearing the words of power :)

GEN's new tactics so you can't claim killing them

(how to evade player kills - GEN Cores)


Al Neo explaining his sex life to Zeke (or was it a trash talk attempt?)


I always knew BRs had weird ways ...

TLS Creation

(how can 3 guilds humiliated by Blood (NWA, FOV, GEN) ally to try again to destroy Blood)

Two PK monarchies (GEN & FOV) allying to an Anti monarchy (NWA) ?

How could that happend ? Well... these guilds were getting owned left and right and GEN after its 10th collapsing was badly in need of new allies.

The funny part is that GEN actually asked Blood leaders for an alliance like a week before TLS was created. We of course laughed at them.

So TLS was started, at a time at which we had about 6k members they soon had 7 to 8k members and were allied to about every other anti guild around, which was rather funny considering GEN had backstabbed them a year before :p


The weekly claims from TLS

(how to claim every week that your enemy is about to disband by FoV TLS)


Sadly for FoV his great plans went to shit and he ended up several steps behind, as usual :(

TLS Falling Appart

(Oh no, not again ? :( - TLS Cores)


When I quit AC several months ago, TLS had fallen to around 2 or 3k followers and Blood was at 18k+ followers.

The 10 to 20 attempts made by GEN then TLS to destroy Blood have all been failures. Several months after most of the Blood leadership quit AC, the monarchy is still at 12k+ followers and still occupying the 1st page of treestats. Other monarchies barelly reach the levels we had when we sold months ago.