Weird Stuff Ultima Online Chesapeake


Ah the old resist bug: hire and attack mages at a town boundary and watch your resist raise while you take no damage :)

Some GMs raised those NPCs fees to prevent us from using the bug :(


That guy was macroing in town so I sent a poison field to kill him with my newb :p Weirdly, I didn't even get guard wacked heh


Now that was a funny bug. I had spent the night pking on the Abyss Shard. Then when I went to my tower on the Europa Shard, I found a castle placed over my tower. I'm like wtf and I page a GM to get him to remove it. He can't see the castle. So I log off and log back on, it was in fact a client bug that kept a ghost image of the buildings from the other server heh.


Now these crits are useless when fought 1 by 1 but they are a real pain when 151651 around you. Basically they make you loose your concentration so you can't cast a spell for shit heh. Not to mention the fact they poison you.


Hah from time to time instead of casting an energy vortex, you'd cast a lama vortex. It didn't have different properties, it was just funny to look at.


Wedding on Europa in the player ran town of Shadowdream. Seating with us a seer, and counselors to marry the 2 lovers.


How to ruin a server event? Follow the group of 40 questers, kill a few when they go grey for a reason or another, and when they are about to kill the final monster after 2 hours of fighting: get next to it and loot the body :p


Who said crime doesn't pay ? Pking surelly did on UO :) Enjoy my tower.

koc tower walled.jpg

The end of KoC on UO :( Over 250+ accounts banned including KoC + our in game friends or RL friends who had our ips on their accounts / shared houses with us... As you can see they walled our guild tower :(

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