Number 1 on World of Warcraft Rankings

Character Ranking out of all 88 servers

Character Ranking on the Laughing Skull Server

World of Warcraft first level 60

- 1st Shaman level 60 of all 88 servers.
- 2nd Horde level 60 of all 88 servers.
- 3rd level 60 of all 88 servers.
- 1st level 60 of all the second wave of servers opening a couple days after retail.
- 1st level 60 of the Laughing Skull server with a 10 levels advance.

WoW launch wasn't easy as we had to switch server 2 days after retail (due to Archimonde's instability) and rerolled on laughing skull while being 22 levels behind those who were already playing there.

Yet none of these "leveling titles" were the real goal, the real goal was about being done with this insane leveling ASAP to be able to enjoy the rest of the game without any special pressure. I so hate leveling that going through a week and a half of hell provides me with the satisfaction of finally being done with it.

Big thanks to Denpxc who contributed a huge deal in allowing me to level this fast without totally compromising my RL/mental health ;)

WoW is meant to be really starting at 60 and with the strong alliance opposition we have it should be fun.

I just hope the incoming pvp patch will fix all the issues with kill rewards/death penalty and pvp death respawning location. Else the game may grow boring real fast.

Edit : Article published about me hiting 60 on Planet Warcraft

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