Website updated!

Well I figured it was time to finally update the website since it had been untouched for quite some time now...

The website has been totally relooked, taking into account a part of the graphic charter from the Keepers of Chaos website since I quite like it and it could be a good start for a "Gaming Network" built around KoC, its members and the games we play...

For those new to this place, I dedicated it to my oldschool PK & PvP memories in various MMORPGs such as: Ultima Online (Chesapeake, Europa, Siege Perilous), Asheron's Call on Darktide server, ...

Due to real life my play time has been severly cut but I'm still beta testing Word of Warcraft from time to time on the PvP Server. A WoW section should open in the upcoming months.

Enjoy your visit!

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