Wednesday, September 6 2006

Website major update

I moved & reconfigured the whole website to have a better code and and new features.

The website looks more like a Blog now making it easier and faster to update.

Tuesday, December 7 2004

Number 1 on World of Warcraft Rankings

Character Ranking out of all 88 servers

Character Ranking on the Laughing Skull Server

World of Warcraft first level 60

- 1st Shaman level 60 of all 88 servers.
- 2nd Horde level 60 of all 88 servers.
- 3rd level 60 of all 88 servers.
- 1st level 60 of all the second wave of servers opening a couple days after retail.
- 1st level 60 of the Laughing Skull server with a 10 levels advance.

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Friday, July 2 2004

Website updated!

Well I figured it was time to finally update the website since it had been untouched for quite some time now...

The website has been totally relooked, taking into account a part of the graphic charter from the Keepers of Chaos website since I quite like it and it could be a good start for a "Gaming Network" built around KoC, its members and the games we play...

For those new to this place, I dedicated it to my oldschool PK & PvP memories in various MMORPGs such as: Ultima Online (Chesapeake, Europa, Siege Perilous), Asheron's Call on Darktide server, ...

Due to real life my play time has been severly cut but I'm still beta testing Word of Warcraft from time to time on the PvP Server. A WoW section should open in the upcoming months.

Enjoy your visit!

Wednesday, May 30 2001

History Asheron's Call Darktide

I started AC quite late, and didn't get into it seriously until about february.

When that started, I spent the first 3 or 4 days under Parthor in the AOD (Azile) monarchy. We had a nice leveling spot in Samsur with 2 bronze dillos that we could block between 2 pillars and shoot at without any risk heh. After I hit level 9 or so (about the 1st day) I moved to the Baishi Tower where most of our guys hanged. Heh those were the days, we were total newbies I didn't even know back then how to cast a spell. Then some internal war exploded between our friend Gara OGD and the Azilites. I don't really remember what it was about but it kinda split all of us.

I then joined Hilda no Polaris, french like me, who I knew back from UO. We were under the Mercs (Osium) and I spent like another 4 days leveling 8 hours a day at the arwic pillars shooting Olthois that were blocked by the base of the hill. Heh thats where I first met people like Malaria, Die form Ex (Die-TF), Dread Loch / Loch, Bad Dreams...


Learning politics on DT as my patron broke from The Mercs without telling me...

Then at the end of that 1st week, I was running to Eastam from Arwic to equip my newbie reroll and was about there when some high level Merc (Hiret under Mikey) attacked me... I asked him wtf was wrong with him considering I was under the Mercs too (monarch Osium). He told me I wasn't and had the Dark Doomer tag instead. I had no clue who that Dark Doomer was and my patron wasn't on so I broke and went back to Mercs.

Its that day I discovered about politics on AC. My patron logged on a couple hours later and explained me what it was all about. Dark Doomer had gone at war with The Mercs, followed by Alice-to-katarina, and other big guys like Blood, and my patron had been asked to join them too. Like 4 hours after my 1st encounter with Hiret, I met him again in Eastam and died to him heh, but this time I knew why we were fighting :p

Anyways I was pretty much done with this mega gimped char (I had no life magic, no mana conversion, no creature magic and was a lockpicker lol). So I ran him to the Lin temple where most of our french friends were starting, and I started my reroll Dread Lord Rak (spe life mage).

The next week, more KoC and UO players from Chesapeake were starting AC. Zeke, who hated leveling as much as I, bought a char named Blood to start a monarchy and regroup all our guys under a common tag. As a matter of fact he was under Dark Doomer too. After 5 or 6 days my reroll mage was level 20 and I hit Disaster Mage dungeon. I spent there another 1.5 to 2 weeks leveling along with Nicnac who was 45+ and played by 2 brothers 24/7. There was that annoying little pos named Kal Dagashi who kept bothering me the 1st days but he stayed at the upper levels of DM so I wasn't bothered when I was downstairs :p.


I wasnt much into PvP yet but these 3 guys were always bothering me heh

In about 2 to 2.5 weeks I had reached level 37 but still had no pvp experience due to the fact I was spending all my time leveling. There was no better leveling spot than DM back then but even in the best hours I was only making 200 to 300k an hour... Add to that the fact that I had taken xbow instead of healing...

Basically that wasn't why I had come to Darktide for, I wanted to PvP and all I could see was the need of constant leveling to catch the big guys / stay in competition with the mid guys.

So I decided to follow Zeke and buy a char on ebay myself. I therefore bought Mikey level 53 for 1075 $ which I could afford without any problems, having sold my Ultima Online accounts and stuff for over 11 000 $. My experience of selling on ebay with UO made me beleive that it was kinda like an investment : in the worse case I could loose a few hundred dollars, in the best case I could make another few hundreds. It was still a risky bet, considering ebay on AC was close to inexistant, and I remember being flamed a lot back then for that.


Anyways I now had a high level char but was still a total newbie when it came to pvp since I had spent 95% of my time leveling. So I muled all my items, bought a faran and went from there. Each encounter was an occasion to learn something new. We were established in Lin / Khay which enabled us to raid the Loch / Shollos / Red Devil / The-Feared alliance.

Then splitpea came out which was some good news considering I had only 1 level VI and mostly level IVs... While learning spells outside Lin, someone called Black Rose Noble approached me. He was the GM of the BR monarchy. He wanted us to come and join him and his guild to help defend it against this same alliance (L/S/RD/TF). The problem for us was that most of our guys were still low levels and the lin / khay region was perfect for them to level at. BRN talked to Dark Doomer aswell as to X-Factor and about a week later after being given several infos about the shops and such we agreed to move in.

However us moving in caused several problems within the BR monarchy. As a result their monarchy disbanded the day after we moved to Kara. They then rebuilt from Plateau I beleive. Living in kara made things really easy for us since Lin / Kay prices sucked badly while we could sell our loot for pretty good price in Kara. Our war against the L/S/RD/TF became more serious, we'd raid Mayoi a lot, and the BDC war really started to turn into our favour. We had kicked TF from Olthoi Tunnels and made it our private dungeon. TF was going down and DVN / BIX ended up selling which made it only worse for them. RD and Loch merged in a single monarchy of around 700s vassals.


Everything was going great for us, a good town, some of the best leveling spots... Then suddenly, BR came back. I was recalling with Seth from BDC, having cleaned the pit, and we were welcomed by a good 10 of them with 5 or 6 high levels (Lauae, Schatenkind, Lews, Hog-The-Feared, Ben-The-Feared...). The fight didn't last very long seth got dropped by them as he materialised at the ls then I fought myself for a few mins and managed to drop Lauae, Hog-the-feared before being badly debuffed by Ben / shot by Lews. I went to clear vit and came back to have my revenge on Lews :p

For a week BR / TF / Schat raided us but it wasn't that bad although we only had about 4 high levels on our side when they had at least 10 of them. But after that things got out of end about 7 anti guilds joined the conflict, it was us vs BR / Schats, TF, Lop, CeD, CoA, CoS and several other individuals. As I said we only had a few high levels and our average level was level 30s while most of the raiders were 40+ with a good proportion of 50s. This is when we mostly started to build our pvp experience. Fighting outnumbered all the time against other high levels was the best way to improve.

While our high levels could live with it, it must have been hell for our lowbies which is why after a good 3 weeks of fighting we decided to move out. I would like to point out that none of our cores ever left us for another monarchy eventhough times had been really hard for our guys after all these guilds had allied to fight us.

Our lower guys were already in Qalabar but I didn't like that town really much so I went to explore Dereth to find a town with suitable prices. After a few hours I came by Lytelthorpe and was simply amazed at the sight. There was a castle and the buildings really looked nice. It even had a meeting hall which back then was a rare and nice thing :p It also had portals to towns like Holtburg / Rythwick and some place called Adventurer's Haven enabled us not only to go to lyth but aswell to Yanshi and Samsur.


ROFL poor guy I felt bad killing him with 10 of his vassals chassing me

Haven was the home of several antis from CeD and smaller anti guilds, while Lytelthorpe was the home of Pathion the Elf and Towels. Sadly for them they had literally no chance against us, just me vs 12 of them had lead to the death of their monarch and 4 other of their higher levels. Zeke got here on Blood to see how the place was like and agreed it would be nice living there. So within a day our whole monarchy was moving and slaying the local population.

From there we established a pretty strong base and although selling prices weren't that good (60% for 5k+ armor / 100% for 5k-), regs were awesomly cheap (28p tapers). We continued extending our control over new leveling spots.


QB and PLG would die so many times...

Some flavour monarchy of the month called Fletchup (the pluggers from UO) had built itself in Fort Teth pretending at 1st to be anti, then going pk... They quickly reached the 800s and were kinda allied to Loch/RD monarchy and were pretty close with Broken Tusk too. However their PvP skill wasn't really good. Plg / Qb would die a lot and I'd kick them out of BDC all the time.

BDC wars kinda changed, it was all about high levels now, we would have mad fun there me on Mikey, Loch, Lop and Jackie Chan...

As for Haven, we would get some raids from antis / neutrals from time to time but nothing really bad. TM rerolling.


Shollos had gone on his own with Broken Tusk. Mercs made a come back, Hiret going mage on Prong, and Qwik going archer. They kinda merged with Shollos, Broken Tusk and DDH. They raided us a few times but mostly got locked on the town of Ayan Baqur which had just opened and had been taken by mel anoma / lop / antis.

Then the BSDs opened, we took over the AB BSD, a few of our guys leveled in BH BSD too but it was mostly controled by the DDH / Shollos / Broken Tusk Alliance. We re hitting the 180+ phear us !


Blood was now a pretty good monarchy, BDC was ours at 75% Olthoi tunnel at 100%, AB BSD at 70% and we had a pretty nice town. Our numbers were growing as we were reaching the 180s. We started to see the benefits of leadership and xp chains when I swore Mikey to Seth and was still passing almost everything to Blood.

Then came the Spe Curve patch which made Mikey and Blood really great chars to play since we were still able to wand even once inepted (we were both spe War). We really had mad fun, I'd take up to 10 people at the same time and laugh at them when they would inept me lol. But a patch was anounced for the following month which would lead to the nerfing of wand speed...

Taking that in consideration I threw Mikey on ebay in order to get my cash back while I was at the top. The char was level 61 and was about the 10th highest level char of the server. I made a pretty cool looking page. Surprisingly enough, the char sold for 5100$ and is yet the biggest sale to ever happend on both Darktide & Asheron's Call. That was 4025$ of pure profit over this account heh kinda funny if you remember how much people had flamed me for "spending 1075$" over a game :p The guy wanted to have the cofounder of Blood and we never saw him logging on after 2 weeks.


With some of that money I bought Asa of C o S which was a level 55 spe resist mage. The char was fun to play although I kinda missed Mikey :( The following patches changed AC a lot, first wand speed was nerfed, then AB BSD was made untyable, and finally hollows came out meaning the end of robes and need of high strength to wear an armor.

That patch meant the end of AB BSD for us which lead us to takeover BH BSD instead. At the same time the Aerlinthe Island was opened. It was made a no war zone and was a cool spot to hang at, prolly the only spot of Darktide at which you could go afk knowing noone would even try to kill you heh. I leveled on the coral golems for a few days so that my str would be high enough to wear a decent armor against hollows.

The neutral bear / anti population was maxed out, while us pks were at war with both of them and wared each others, they were all allied making Kara / AB pretty hard to take.

So we decided to put our fights aside and regroup ourselves. Our force was mainly composed of Bloods, Patryns and Red Devils. There also were a few individuals such as Shollos and a few guys under Samuel. Vengers and TDM were meant to be with us too but kinda backstabbed us in the process.

Our plan was in two steps, first attacking AB to make the whole anti / neutral population focused on defending it, then if it didn't work, attacking Kara which defense would be more easy to come by, specially after our work on the boards made to isolate BRs from antis. First AB wars


AB wars were really fun, we were far from having the needed numbers but we still didn't do bad at all. These wars enabled us to change the way Darktide worked : it enabled pk monarchies to start working together and caused antis to split. We used that political work to execute the next phase.

We suddenly moved all our forces from AB to Kara and things worked pretty well for us since local forces were already weakened by Lauae's departure from BR to Blood, but the poor support they had from antis made it even easier.

Having taken Kara. The Blood monarchy started to grow, from 1200s followers we reached 1700s once Red Devil and Shollos swore to us. Our 1st step was to take leveling spots back from TDM which was a pk monarchy that had used our time in AB to take over leveling spots. Their monarchy disbanded pretty fast.

The real test of our power was the opening of a Kara portal, making raids on us 10x easier for our opponents. The Feared who had announced they wouldn't let us keep Kara launched big raids on us using help from other neutral / antis. As a matter of fact it only made us stronger by reuniting a population that was slowly carebearising heh.

Loosing ground on us, TF started the godmoding mania aswell as other guilds such as IC, but they were still unable to kick us out and several of our guys learning it too made things worse for them. TF which had reached the 1000+ first lost 2/3 of these numbers in a few days and went back to the 300s before exploding in 3 different monarchies.

Then came the second test : who could control Aerlinthe Island ? TF who had rerolls with no tie learnt felt they were in a position to break the peace that was agreed there by the whole server. After a week and several agressions from them we decided to declare it an official war zone. Their ties indeed did help them a lot considering they'd camp us at the the portal drop and would attack us coming out debuffed from the diamond golems. But ties became more spread and when Tai got a gating mule to provide us recall ties to the island, fighting became a lot easier. We were finally in the same conditions we pretty much kicked them out of the island. Soon antis had their own gaters but it still didnt make much of a difference. Island was owned by us as much as such a wide place can be owned by a group.

For several months we continued to grow, having the best leveling spots, setting awesome xp chains, and benefiting from our past work... We were heavily raided but lived pretty well with it and in fact several raiders ended up joining us over time.

There was not much left to do other than taking over AB from the antis / neutral bears. Those same neutral bears made it possible when they decided to create GEN and go RPK. Each anti / neutral bear that had left to create GEN was one less anti we would have to fight, making numbers a lot more even...

With that said AB was now easy to get since their only force was their high numbers. However we also knew that the sooner we would attack, the sooner they would all make peace and ally again. Instead of attacking we told our vassals to start making DIs / cash for a war, and started board propaganda to prevent both camps from reuniting. The day The-Feared showed their true face and allied with that RPK force, we jumped on this occasion and kicked both camps from AB, taking it for ourselves.

GEN threatened us and said they would never let us take it, they even allied with BR but were forced to run away. They were given the right to eat what we had left behind us though :) (Kara + BH BSD). Several antis (mostly Deborah & HoS) fought us for a couple weeks then gave up too but I got to give them credits since they did give us nice fights and did stand for what they beleived. Second AB Wars


Game Over - It was over, all our goals were reached there was no real opposing force left so lots of our guys started to stop playing / selling by the end of January.

While that, GEN allied with half the server from ex-alberons to HoCs, and when I sold in late January I was told by their leaders we were leaving because of them and that AB would be their's in a few days... However, if GEN did grow to 3200+ peeps while we had 2300+ guys, they failed in all their attemps to get rid of us. As a matter of fact, several of their guys left them and the monarchy lost half its numbers.


Nowdays Blood is a 3300 peeps monarchy, there isn't much left to do, just sit and wait for the new game. Either the monarchy will die due to the departure of most of its cores (which surprisingly hasn't happened yet), or the new generation of Blood will take control of it and run it for even longer (quite possible since several active members who joined several months after Blood started, currently deal with most of the problems (such as the xp chain).

(Last update : April 2001)

Chat Asheron's Call Darktide


Gotta love how much people can bitch :p


I don't know which one is worse :p Prolly that Indigo-Seth. Seventhis / Bloodycats was just a kid.


Oh no I'm "FUCKED" hes gonna haxor me through my POP3 !!!! LMAO


Heh I know vitae is unpleasant, but is it that bad ? :)


The hard life on DT :(


Getting LS trolls banned for corpse spamming is fun, but its even better when you get a 6k monarchy to private message an admin :)


And sometimes, the admin actually does his job after a simple request

Tuesday, May 29 2001

Quests Asheron's Call Darktide


Woot ! One of the first peerless atlan staff made :)


Wands were really great back then, eventhough the Impious Staff only had 250 spellcraft.


Greater Shadow Armor, a must have since the hollow patch.


Discovering the new Island south east of Mayoi


This building is simply superb


Focus Stone Quest


Item VII Spells Quest


The hardest quest in the game : Aerlinthe Quest. But you get well rewarded with a recall scroll to the island.

Funny stuff Asheron's Call Darktide


When people prefer to jump from a cliff than dying from you :p


Heh this one is quite funny. We kill some level 15- Blood bothering us and the next thing we hear from him is : "you'll be kicked from Blood for that". Damn we suddenly wished we hadn't done that !!!! lol


Maedhros was a guy I had met while leveling my reroll at GBG, he told me later on he was a sentinel. Anyways he had just got pked by Parabolic in DM and had to take his sentinel shift so he asked me to kill Parabolic for him and tell him when the job was done heh :p


Silly Admin spamming us...


The old sentinels :(


The joys of LS camping lol


Thats one of the frag dungeons. Like 16 frags used to spawn in here, sadly the dungeons got removed the patch after.


Bael'Zharon invading Kara. He got angry when we tested his powers :p


Blood, the only monarchy Bael'Zharon accepted under him. Sadly there was a bug with the monarchy title so we broke from him after a few days.


Ah the joys of twinking ! Casting high level spells on a low level friend to powerlevel him in high level zones...


Hah poor guys :p All these antis / neutrals mostly Alberons trying to exploit the Platinum Scarab bug. We killed so many of them it was unbeleavable.


Back to AB with a few Scarabs taken next to our victims bodies

Best of Asheron's Call Darktide

Prove it!

(how to fake selling your account and to fake your own death IRL by Naudica GEN)

Starting with the best of the best... : "Prove it"

It all started when GEN got kicked out of AB by Blood & JoV, before even taking it over from antis. When that happened, Naudica realized he had bet on the wrong horse. He messaged Blood leaders and NH (JoV leader) wanting to fake having sold his account to be able to rejoin Blood/JoV...

A few months later, having a laugh on dt's public irc room, the subject came in a discussion but Naudica couldn't admit what he had done in the past so he told NH to "prove it".

NH : I can prove it jesse NH : don't ask me to please

But N (Naudica) dumb as always pushed NH to prove it, thinking NH would not be able to :

N : do it then N : or shut up

unfortunatly for Naudica, NH had kept emails from back then ;)

N : fuck you nighthawk N... has left #dnn

Awe :(


In the week following this event, someone saying he was naudica's father posted on COD (with the same ID than Naudica) saying his son had died from a terrible illness and trying to get everyone's compassion for the "dead" naudica... Of course most people had doubts about it being true, and we soon found out that it was all a lie made up by naudica to get people's compassion for him lol. This has to be the biggest soap opera on ACDT ever...

From: Glenn Pool ID: S6Vvac3tzWE Date: May 02, 2001 at 01:01 am Subject: Your friend Naudica has passed away...

From: N ID: S6Vvac3tzWE Date: April 13, 2001 at 7:03 pm Subject: This game is dead. - NT

My GF was at the door !

(how to log behind a tree when you are about to die from a fight and claim you did it because of your GF - Dagashi/Wilc GEN)


Parthor was fighting Wilc aka The Dagashi. Dagashi was getting owned so he ran and logged just behind a tree to prevent the killing war from hitting him.

Since GEN had a no log policy back then and parth had taken screen shot, Dagashi was in a tough situation so he came out with all sorts of excuse such as "My GF was at the door"... Yet if it had just been a mater of getting someone at the door, he could have just recalled, so his excuse didn't stand 1 sec :(

I don't client hack, watch the "You've jumped too recently!" message!

(How to godmode client hack and claim honor on the boards by faking a client message - Khosaf and GEN Cores)


Continuing with GEN lies... several times we could see GEN cores jumping like rabbits to godmode despise the godmode fix... They claimed they weren't using the Client Hack and to "prove it" they were taking screen shots of the "You've jumped too recently!" message that was usually removed with the godmode client hack.

Not only being cheaters, they were also hypocrites. They had made a client hack that not only gave them godmode abilities but also allowed them to keep the "You've jumped too recently!" message to continue to claim being "cheat free" on the boards. Thats rather sad, especially when we all know what happend to GEN and their multiple disband/tag changes :p

Gen cores letting out their secret!

(how to reveal your secret weap to your worse enemy by mistake - Rumble GEN)


Gear spreading into GEN ranks made its secret harder to keep. What Rumble had just experienced due to the lag created by his own gear alerted us.

After a small investigation we put our hand on that "Gear" program and a few hours later we had an equivalent and much easier to use version called SpeedHack.

For weird reason, GEN really didn't like it when we used their own weapon agains them ;) I still remember going skating all over Kara with Zeke heh

I don't gear I just have super mega high run!

(how to claim you don't gear but your run is just too high eventhough you have low quickness - Naudica GEN)


Hah... Who said Alpha-Male (Naudica) is an horrible liar? Getting badly owned, he put his gear at max speed to run away... but since he didn't have the balls admitting he was gearing, he claimed it was because of his 480 run, which was rather funny since a simple ID of his char showed he only had 158 buffed quickness :)

Why not use both gear and client hack at the same time?

(how to use both gear and client hack at the same time - Blattos GEN)


Due to the conjonction of both gear and the client hack, people could cast spells on you while running full speed, despise server restrictions since the server was confused about their position. As you can see, spells are landing on the char without even hearing the words of power :)

GEN's new tactics so you can't claim killing them

(how to evade player kills - GEN Cores)


Al Neo explaining his sex life to Zeke (or was it a trash talk attempt?)


I always knew BRs had weird ways ...

TLS Creation

(how can 3 guilds humiliated by Blood (NWA, FOV, GEN) ally to try again to destroy Blood)

Two PK monarchies (GEN & FOV) allying to an Anti monarchy (NWA) ?

How could that happend ? Well... these guilds were getting owned left and right and GEN after its 10th collapsing was badly in need of new allies.

The funny part is that GEN actually asked Blood leaders for an alliance like a week before TLS was created. We of course laughed at them.

So TLS was started, at a time at which we had about 6k members they soon had 7 to 8k members and were allied to about every other anti guild around, which was rather funny considering GEN had backstabbed them a year before :p


The weekly claims from TLS

(how to claim every week that your enemy is about to disband by FoV TLS)


Sadly for FoV his great plans went to shit and he ended up several steps behind, as usual :(

TLS Falling Appart

(Oh no, not again ? :( - TLS Cores)


When I quit AC several months ago, TLS had fallen to around 2 or 3k followers and Blood was at 18k+ followers.

The 10 to 20 attempts made by GEN then TLS to destroy Blood have all been failures. Several months after most of the Blood leadership quit AC, the monarchy is still at 12k+ followers and still occupying the 1st page of treestats. Other monarchies barelly reach the levels we had when we sold months ago.

Monday, February 14 2000

Bounty Ultima Online Chesapeake

UO Bounty Ezekiel

This is back when I was an anti (way before I joined KoC).
Killed Zeke's murderer and got a lot of cash for it. No hard feelings Zeke? :)

UO Bounty Lithicus UO Bounty Mercedes

Two murderers from Chesapeake. They were living right next to my large forge and after the 4 or 5 of them tryed ganking me, I made some come out of the group and killed them.

UO Bounty Krull

That guy was hanging with DR Feelgood. They were using UOE to see hidden peeps. I got help from a guy there and killed that KRULL, getting both his bounty and his prepatch heavy crossbow of power. Damn that was so nice :p

UO Bounty Hilda No Polaris

That was a blue PK named Hilda no Polaris. I killed him a first time with a bunch of dragons I had stabbled in Skara heh. Unfortunatly his head didn't work so I had to kill him another time and page a GM to have his head cashed in.

UO Bounty Swineoman

This is quite fun. That guy hated me since him and his gangbanging friends would die a lot to me eventhough they had huge numbers... One day he went murderer with his main and was pking in duo with another loser named XlordX.

Anyways both of them gank me at shame, playing on T1 with 30ms connects and I still manage to kill swineoman and make the other one recall with 5 or 10 hps heh.

Now the funny part is that it didn't stop here. Several month later, when the guy had worked his char back and was back to blue status, both him and XlordX attacked me on their mains. A friend of mine came to help me and at the end of the fight XlordX recalled and his friend died. But instead of going to the healer he pressed res with penalty by mistake ROFL that was just hillarious.

UO Bounty JoeyKiller

Heh I was pking with Pyros when we met another group of PKers. One recalled the other died but his bounty really sucked :(

UO Bounty Twinsen

Another group of pks trying to gank me. Unfortunatly for them they either died / recalled.

UO Bounty Alload

Talk about some freaking newbie recalling in town as a murderer :)

Weird Stuff Ultima Online Chesapeake


Ah the old resist bug: hire and attack mages at a town boundary and watch your resist raise while you take no damage :)

Some GMs raised those NPCs fees to prevent us from using the bug :(


That guy was macroing in town so I sent a poison field to kill him with my newb :p Weirdly, I didn't even get guard wacked heh


Now that was a funny bug. I had spent the night pking on the Abyss Shard. Then when I went to my tower on the Europa Shard, I found a castle placed over my tower. I'm like wtf and I page a GM to get him to remove it. He can't see the castle. So I log off and log back on, it was in fact a client bug that kept a ghost image of the buildings from the other server heh.


Now these crits are useless when fought 1 by 1 but they are a real pain when 151651 around you. Basically they make you loose your concentration so you can't cast a spell for shit heh. Not to mention the fact they poison you.


Hah from time to time instead of casting an energy vortex, you'd cast a lama vortex. It didn't have different properties, it was just funny to look at.


Wedding on Europa in the player ran town of Shadowdream. Seating with us a seer, and counselors to marry the 2 lovers.


How to ruin a server event? Follow the group of 40 questers, kill a few when they go grey for a reason or another, and when they are about to kill the final monster after 2 hours of fighting: get next to it and loot the body :p


Who said crime doesn't pay ? Pking surelly did on UO :) Enjoy my tower.

koc tower walled.jpg

The end of KoC on UO :( Over 250+ accounts banned including KoC + our in game friends or RL friends who had our ips on their accounts / shared houses with us... As you can see they walled our guild tower :(

House Looting Ultima Online Chesapeake


Damn dupers heh. That house was filled with bags with stacks of 10k in it. Some newb was gating Drax Elvenblade from LOV there. I followed them in the gate with my thief and stole his keys. I then came back and looted all the cash with my friend Pyros. It was really some funny shit since we made like an 100 to 150k (a lot of cash at the time).


God some moron died with runes / keys to 2 large forges and 2 smalls, no need to say we went on a loot fest, although the 2 larges were empty.


This one was great. A PvP tournament was organized and had between 15 to 20 peeps from various guilds. Three of us had kinda infiltraded the place by taking a gate spawned in town. We started eating the food on the table then the Guild Master of the AoA guild went mad at us for that and started attacking me. He died, and we looted the key off his body. Next 2 hours were fun, since like all the guests started attacking me and my 2 friends :p I made TONS of loot there.


That guy was trying to get an air elemental in his house, so I jumped in with my friend Pyros and we started looting his house, then stole his key. He attacked one of us, and we proceeded to kill him. After that we totally looted clean the place and put what we didn't need on the steps. Way to be kicked out of your own house :p


I was on my PK in Deceit level 2 when I see a guild with like 6 or 7 guys. They attack me but I manage to kill 2 of them, the rest ending up recalling. On one of them I find a key and a rune, I try them with my main and find that tower :p I then proceeded to gate all their stuff to my courtyard till they arrived and changed the keys. It was too late for them though heh

Game Master Ultima Online Chesapeake


((/dabox/public/uo-weird/3counselors.jpg| Now that GM was totally on crack. I bring an ostard back from the new lands to the old lands (there was a bugged pink gate that would let you do it). That GM PKs me by sending 2 guards on me in Occlo. I page him telling him he just abused his powers on me for no reason.

While I'm complaining on dev board about his abuse, he brings me to jail and says : "Are you exploiting? If you have a rune to the God Lands tell me now". Now what kinda shit was that heh. He obviously had no clue and apologized when I pointed out I didn't.


I met some Armor Level bug on that character I was leveling (named GameMasterRaK on Chesapeak). So I paged a GM and guess who answered ? My "friend" GM Ja rofl. He bitches at me and tells me to choose another name. I tell him RaK Da KiLlA just to see if he'll take it, and he does accept it :)


A few days after I log on that char I have been leveling for a few weeks. I'm on the Europa server and msg the GMs about my name saying another GM on Chesa had made me change my name already for the same reason and I wanted to make sure there is no problem. Guess who answers again ? GM Ja *OMG*

He gets mega pissed at me heh and finally agrees to change my name. I tell him to rename me to Problem Player just to piss him off a little bit more heh

problem player.jpg
problem player2.jpg

ROFL, there you go he changed my name and says : "I hope I do not receive a complaint on a Prb Player". Then tells me how naming yourself GameMaster is a serious offense eventhough it wasn't filtered by the name filter heh.


Some newbs get pked and the next thing you see is an army of counselors asking you if you were cheating.


Heh and you really thought GMs and counselors are serious 24/7 ?

Counselor Ultima Online Chesapeake


It all started by creating a 45 10 10 newbie named TMO.


A small breifing in the counselors guild.



Hey ! thats an abuse :-(


Ah here is our master ! Or should I say Mistress.


WTF that GM is removing all my clothes !!!


Oups looks like our GM lost connect :p


  • waiting*


Woot the GM is back !


now Lady Counselor TMO !

Disrobed Ultima Online Chesapeake

Ok now this one was REALLY funny :p

I saw this french group getting ready for a wedding. They gated to some maze near Trinsic, I followed and marked a rune.

I started stealing them and was recalling away to bank their stuff each time... The Senior Companion who was in charge of the wedding told them they could kill me without taking kills and he was yelling : "kill him, kill him" in french. That was quite "uncalled" and not professional from a UO volunteer in fonction to do that...

Anyways I recalled back to town, logged on my 2nd computer on a 2nd account that had a char with the same name but had 10 hps and was not in theives guild. That was quite evil but it did work fine. When I went back there with him, the Senior Companion yelled to them to kill me, and it gave me the pleasure to report 3 of them for murder lol.

They were totally pissed and the Senior Companion who had no clue was even more pissed. So he abused his powers even more by teleporting me back to Skara.

During the whole time I had been in the Counselor channel and had told my fellow counselors what had just happened. The Shard Lead Counselor told me that even if my attitude was a bit greif, it didn't justify at all such an abuse of powers.


The next thing I saw on my "newbie fake thief" was the Shard Lead Counselor disrobing the Senior Companion in front of everyone ROFL.

That was totally hillarious :p

For the story he got his robe back a few days later because OSI needed him but he had a warning placed over his head heh.

Banned Ultima Online Chesapeake

December 1999, after years of domination by KoC over Chesa we had recently moved on the SP server.

No need to say that move made a lot of people rather unhappy and they were whining daily on the boards and to GMs in game... Since SP was composed of guilds harboring Devs and GMs of the EA/OSI company, these whines soon led to action being taken to shut us down...

Over 250 accounts of KoC's and friends of ours were banned in the process. No exact reason was ever given to us to explain us which specific action in game had been assimilated a to a violation of the Ultima Online Terms of Service.

The threatening letter : guilt by association

(associating in a game with players met in that same game can get you banned)

''Return-Path: <> From: UO Account Admin <> Subject: Inappropriate conduct within UO Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 20:08:10 -0600


This letter is to inform you that the Ultima Online Player relations Department of Origin Systems has witnessed various levels of misconduct regarding actions of characters on your account. This misconduct includes being associating with one of the largest guilds in Ultima Online that employ exploitative activities to increase their game status at the expense of other players as well as the game itself.

No action is to be taken on your account at this time - this letter serves only as a warning that this conduct has been verified and will not be condoned. In the event that any such actions continue, the offending account will be terminated immediately without any chance of being reopened. This is certainly not at all what we want to do; rather this is the point of this letter as it is what we want to avoid. However the decision to terminate accounts is done with the best interests of the game and its players in mind, and we will move to protect those interests.

To have to engage in this discourse is not enjoyable, but at the same time we want to make sure that all parties are aware of what will happen should these actions continue. It is our hope that we can move forward from this and you the customer may enjoy your Ultima Online experience.

Thank you for your time, patience, and understanding with this matter.

Ultima Online Player Relations Origin Systems, Inc.''

So basically I'm guilty of hanging in a game with others players this company allowed to play their game.

Now that was just a "warning" but within a few days this warning was immediatly converted into a perma ban.

The ban letter

(no precise reason given, the letter is even more vague than the previous one)

''Return-Path: <> From: UO Account Admin <> Subject: Account Termination Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 08:58:02 -0600

Ultima Online Origin Systems, Inc.

Date: 12/16/99

At this time your account with Origin Systems has been permanently closed due to repeated violations of the Terms Of Service or the Rules and Regulations. Although we regret the closure of any account, we feel that the termination of your account is in the best interest of the service as a whole.


The rules are:

1) You may not harass, threaten, embarrass or cause distress, unwanted attention or discomfort to another player.

2) You may not use any offensive or sexually explicit language.

3) You may not use any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable language toward any other player.

4) You may not impersonate any Ultima Online Customer Support representative or other employee of Origin Systems.

5) You may not market, promote or advertise anything, or make any other form of solicitaion (including pyramid schemes and chain letters) on the Ultima Online Service or through the Ultima Online Web Site.

6) You may not violate any local, state, national or international law or regulation.

7) You may not modify any part of the Ultima Online Service or Web Site that Origin Systems does not specifically authorize you to modify.

8) You may not arrange for the exchange or transfer of any pirated software or other contraband while you are on the Ultima Online Service or Web Site, or use the Ultima Online Service or Web Site for any other illegal purpose.

9) You may not organize any guilds or groups that are based on, or espouse, any racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-gay, or other hate-mongering philosophy.

10) You may not use the Ultima Online Service or the Ultima Online Web Site for any activities other than activities that are permitted within the game world.

11) You may not post or communicate any player's real world personal information within the Ultima Online Service or through the Ultima Online Web Site or bulletin board.

12) You may not give false information or intentionally hide any information that is required at the time you register with the Ultima Online Service.

13) You will not upload or transmit on the Ultima Online Service, or through the Ultima Online Web Site or bulletin board, any copyrighted content that you do not own all rights to, unless you have the express written permission of the author or copyright holder.

14) You will not attempt to interfere with, hack into, or decipher any transmissions to or from the servers running the Ultima Online Service.

15) You will not exploit any bug in the Ultima Online product or the Ultima Online Service to gain unfair advantage in the game and you will not communicate the existence of any such bug (either directly or through public posting) to any other user of the Ultima Online Service.

16) You will not attempt to play Ultima Online on any service that is not controlled or authorized by Origin Systems.

17 ) You will not create, use or provide any server emulator or other site where Ultima Online may be played, and you will not post or distribute any utilities, emulators or other software tools related to Ultima Online without the express written permission of Origin.

18) You will not do anything else that interferes with the ability of other Ultima Online users to enjoy playing the game in accordance with its rules, or that increases the expense or difficulty of Origin in maintaining the Ultima Online Service for the enjoyment of all its users.


Further, the terms of service agreement,, establish your acknowledgement of the rules above, and your responsibility for all activity on your account.

b) Passwords. Upon your registration for the Service, you will select a password. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and you are responsible for any harm resulting from your disclosure or allowing the disclosure of any password or from use by any person of your password to gain access to your Account and User ID. At no time should you respond to an online request for a password. Origin Systems employees will never ask for your password online. You acknowledge that although the Service may offer a feature that allows you to "remember" your password and thereby bypass the password protection, this feature makes it possible for third parties to access your Account and User ID. Use of this password bypass feature will be at your own risk. It is strongly discouraged. Likewise, please DO NOT use your User ID as your Password.

(d) Conduct and Communication. You, and anyone you authorize to use your Account and User ID on the Service, agree to follow the Rules of Conduct published by Origin Systems. The Rules of Conduct may be found on the Web Site. The Rules of Conduct may change at Origin Systems discretion, at any time. Origin Systems reserves the right to terminate your Membership if it determines in its sole discretion that you have engaged in any impermissible conduct whether or not such conduct violates the Rules of Conduct. You acknowledge, however, that Origin Systems does not pre-screen Content or communication over the Service.

We consider this banning of your account to be permanent and irrevocable as agreed by you in the Terms of Service agreement.

Under Section 3: Subsection C is states:

(c) Former Members. Members whose Accounts have been terminated by Origin Systems may not access the Service in any manner or for any reason without the express written permission of Origin Systems. Active Members may not knowingly allow former Members whose Accounts have been terminated to use the active Members' Accounts or User IDs.

Future mails concerning this issue will not be returned nor is this matter subject for review. All such reviews have been made and we are satisfied that appropriate action has been taken. Origin Systems considers this letter sufficient notification of your account termination, and considers any relationship with you terminated at this point.


UO Account Administrator Origin Systems Inc.

Please do not call our Billing Department, as they will not be able to help you. The Account Administrator is the only available help to Suspended players.''

The unban letter

(fighting corruption with corruption)

Corruption of OSI employees leading a personal vendetta against KoC is what had caused this MASSIVE ban.

Since I was a counselor on european servers and knew a few GMs for chatting with them in private IRC rooms, I decided to fight fire with fire. I had 3 GMs vouching for me to force the GM Lead to actually review my accounts and tell me what I was being accused of instead of just sending me a prefiled letter.

Few days later I had my answer and was unbanned on all accounts I had requested to be unbanned, but one which had our GM IP on it and used to be holding the guildhouse/stone on SP...

''Return-Path: <> From: "Leverett, William" <> To: "'RAK'" <> Subject: RE: From Counselor TMO (Euro shards) about my banned accounts Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 12:48:44 -0600


I have completed the in-depth check of your accounts, and the news I have for you is somewhat bittersweet. We have decided to reactivate the accounts jmk and hebus accounts while keeping the other accounts closed. However due to the fact that they still have some recent links to other accounts which were terminated, we will not be returning any of the houses or property owned in those accounts. The characters will still be there but nothing else will be returned.

This was about as good as a compromise as we could come up with for this situation. To be honest, it is very unlikely that your account would be reactivated at all without several people coming forward saying that you had been extremely helpful within our volunteer program, which you will still be able to be a part of when the account is reinstated. Had that not occurred, these accounts would have been terminated.

While I am happy to reactivate your accounts, I am sorry to say that we were placed in a position that forced us to take some sort of action. I will be happy to help you with whatever else I can. The accounts should be turned on within a few hours, and you will be able to play soon.

Again I am sorry that this entire situation has gotten so ugly. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do.

William Leverett

Translation :

- They didn't return the houses because they had decayed while the accounts were under their controle, something which he wouldn't admit :p

- "Had that not occurred, these accounts would have been terminated" => In other words, without links within the OSI staff, my accounts would still be wrongly banned.

Oh well, I sold both accounts for about a 1000$ total.

When I later came back to UO before AOS, I got one of the account back from the guy i sold it to and resold it again a few weeks ago after quitting UO for good.

Ultima Online Player Relations Origin Systems, Inc.''